Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Vernal Equinox XLIII

Vernal Equinox XLIII

The seasons are in flux as new life comes forth, to be devoured by snarling beasts or propagated in darkened lairs, as libertine satyrs, turgid incubi, and lush nymphs, voluptuous succubi, dance the dance of life in gardens of indulgence and opulent pantheons of fleshly delights!

Intoxicating aromas pervade the senses, as storms whirl in transformation, regeneration, and rejuvenation, impregnating the black earth with streams of vital nectar, laden into caverns of blossoming effervescence. The bounty of the land overflows with succulent ambrosia, as carnal gods and goddesses partake in deepest epicurean pleasure.

The Scarlet Woman rides the Beast, prepare the lascivious feast! Strength through Joy!

Regie Satanas! Ave Satanas! Hail Lilith! Hail Satan!


In Nomine Satanas,
Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
The Noctuary, Infernal Empire
Vernal Equinox, XLIII Anno Satanas.

Tags: equinox, literature, seasonal message

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