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Exposing The Satanic Web...

Exposing Satan's WebRetrospective christinsanity. Cosmopolitan divine madness. It is interesting to observe the types described therein their own dualistic paradigm - all sheeple, whether white or black by whatever name/s used, just all want to cluster and worship some type of external "god" delusion together. These nuts are classified as devil-worshippers, not Satanists, and they can have them.

This christian propaganda may just be the more disturbing of the lot, considering some of the relations made by those who supposedly "remembered" being victimized as children, but as we unfortunately know now, these were actually fictional projections from psycho-the-rapists upon their patients, indoctrinating them with all manner of paranoia and false memory scenarios in order to sustain them in the business of fear, as well as justify their misdirected sense of masochism, and pretentious Crusader Syndrome.

This "documentary", and some others like it, was released briefly prior to the FBI's findings that these massive cult allegations were proven false, and thus slipped into obscurity when the religious enterprise could no longer take advantage of this latest cultural fear-trend.

The man claiming to have been a former "Satanic High Priest" is nonsense. That loser was a self-admitted druggie, relishing in the meager attention granted by the undiscriminating media of the time, then fabricating lurid tales of intoxicated hysteria.

The woman attempting to read some sort of meaning into the Slayer cover art to bolster her claims of a "Satanic Conspiracy" {which of course was proven false by the FBI} is quite amusing as well. Anyone wanting to know anything about Satanism, or any other subject for that matter, should look to actual literature, and not music intended for pure theatrical entertainment. Yet this was the degree of blindlight lunacy and insecurity exhibited during the Satanic Panic, a seemingly resurgent sub-mentality from the 'witch' trials.

"Satan had been the best friend the church has ever had, as He has kept it in business all these years." - The 9th Satanic Statement, The Satanic Bible.

Tags: archives, criminology, documentary, fundamentalism, psychology, satanic panic, sociology, sra, urban legends

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