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Jailhouse Mentality

Misanthropology / Anti-Social commentary

Jailhouse Mentality

I have noticed that the current programmed mentality of the herd bears many ebonics-derived phrases propagated by {c}rap ghetto culture which has originated from the big house itself, thus devolving society; if only these poseurs realized from whence they developed, especially the pretentious beer-guzzling, sports-watching, fast-food munching, latently-homosexual 'macho men', and in several instances, 'macho-women' infesting the populace. like so many roaches, then perhaps they would think twice before using them.

The following analysis will serve as an Occam's Razor to determine the sublimated, repressed, sexual inclinations of those, who after realizing these origins, will either persist to use them , thus revealing their nature, and those who extract them from their "vocabulary", and deep to evolve just a bit farther, instead of continuously denigrating the language:

The essay Ladies Behind Bars: A Liminal Gender As Cultural Mirror by John M. Coggeshall deals with gender identification in the prison subculture in contemporary times. Essentially, a microcosmic to macrocosmic analysis and comparison.

The article suggests that so-called "women", or "non-men males" amongst the populace therein are assigned roles traditionally though to comprise those of actual women living in society. The role of females is relegated to passive, or forced homosexuals therein, and are three types thereof:

  • 1. Those called "ladies", who are realized homosexuals who dress in what is thought to be effeminately by the projected fetishes of the dominant inmates. that is to say, modifying their uniforms, wearing improvised makeup comprised of felt-tip marker for eyeliner and "kool-aid" for rouge, offering sex and domestic services to their "daddies" in exchange for protection, amenities, and social comforts.

  • 2. A reciprocal role in which favors are granted for both physical survival and social interaction. These are types who live heterosexual lives when in society, but revert to homosexual activities inside the prison system, thought by many therein as an expression of their true natures.

  • 3. Stereotypically, those who are forced to submit to the advances of stronger, more authoritative, experienced, physically-imposing inmates upon those who are usually much younger and deemed attractive, frequently termed what is referred to as "turned out" to the general populace who desire them for sexual gratification, as a method of establishing a place in the social order. These are also named "punks", "kids", and "gumps". Sometimes these levels of stratification can be traversed and ascended, depending upon the assimilation of said inmate.
  • The general consensus of women therein is a rather misogynistic one to begin with, many times these subliminal feelings are projected onto those submissive inmates causing them to be both hated, and desired out of necessity. About 65% of the prison populace are said to participate in this form of interaction by a majority of those who are sentenced to remain therein for a prolonged amount of time.

    The only women these inmates see are the female guards on the premises who are seen as "dykes" because of the unisex attire of law enforcement uniforms, resembling the male guards in most every way. Thus, they are not considered "women" per se, but more or less like other males. This lack of female representations is asserted in the essay, causing the men to fabricate women of their own vision, Ergo, the roles assumed by those subjected to passivity. There are also certainly homosexuals therein who enjoy being dominated by a stronger inmate, thus falling into their roles quite comfortably.

    Women are seen as the weaker sex therein, because of the very lack of quality women in their experience. When on the outside, mentally-deficient females are attracted to this type, thus confirming their initial impression. Still others seem to subconsciously hate their mothers in a Freudian sense, while others are women-hating homosexuals who deal with their persistent rejection by women to their sexual advances by acclimating to a homosexual environment.

    In conclusion, it can be observed that this social order is an exaggerated reflection of American societal mentality; and the treatment and opinions of the female gender in the eyes of many a closet- misogynist.



    So now the mentality can be better understood. Chances are high that upon actually living a day in the life in prison, many of these strutting fools may decide for something just a small bit higher, instead of the loser lifestyle wherein they are literally and physically herded through the prison system.

    So the next time you witness these wanna' be felons who necessitate parental supervisors commanding them to behave or actual ex-prisoners {many-times to-be again, considering the revolving door scenario}, this analysis shall be realized at what they are pretending towards, or perhaps have already condemned themselves to, where such types will probably end up in short time anyway.

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