DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Happy Chemtrails to you...

Last night by the Full moon's light, as Myself, LB, and a couple of friends were outside enjoying the cool night air, as I habitually do, I gaze up at the night sky appreciating the form of Luna Splenderosa, I noticed what appeared to be a streak of mist crossing her light, and I recalled the relations from C2C about these mysterious contrails materializing all over the planet for no apparent reason. Discounting many of the conspiracy theories of "the government" conducting chemical testing on the populace and UFO leavings, friend William mentioned that it resembled a missle trail, but here? In the middle of Suburbia? Out in the desert, by Area 51 or some military base perhaps, but it is not likely around here.So what can these environmental anomeles be? None of us felt any ill-effects, and it soon faded away. A spontaneous singular cirrus cloud formation? Or maybe the govmn't is testing some sort of new defensive/offensive remote-controlled device - if that is the case, the public may not appreciate the technological advances, but instead their heads would swim with lurid tales of Moulder-like pre-occupations, threatening to expose military secrets. - secret for a reason.
Tags: black earth, ufo

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