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Some time ago I viewed a video about stigmata in Psychology of Religion studies, about some woman in Bolivia who was allegedly demonstrating such an enigma, which in My opinion, turned out to be false. Cuts made by the rosary and her very on toenails scraped on her feet and hands, plus the meditation time she conveniently provided herself to work up to a point of self-mutilation, which she conveniently credited to "Jesus", her invisible friend, as giving her a place and time to expect it.

Not too much different than a carnival huckster, "faith-healer" {white wolf, hypnochrist, placebo-dealer}, mystic surgeon, etc. working in chicken guts to the operation. It is basically a form of slight-of-hand of the most masochistic kind, in the same general ranks of the cold-reader or professional guesser who actually believes his own drivel. I wonder what this woman derives from this spectacle? Generous donations? Attention? While duping the masses for self-gratification is Satanic, actually beLIEving the drivel is not.

There is a condition, a violent form of rosatia in which blood vessels burst during high points of stress, which explains the faerie-tale of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemene, and could also explain so-called "stigmata". Could there actually be such a thing, or are the events ruled "authentic" by the Catholic Church for press, and/or are really good hoaxes? Master prestidigitation techniques? Or are these select cases the result of propagandists and shills?

The wounds which appeared on the woman were rather superficial after all, as the areas pin-pointed tend to bleed quite easy and profusely while remaining quite painless for the most part except for that temporary stinging sensation, like also the skin on the forehead, or the face or legs, or when knicking the face while shaving, or cutting the scalp. It appears quite dramatic, and with some practice, a quick slice will yield a relatively copious amount of blood without being remotely lethal. and as stated before, minimal in pain. Even wrestlers learn this technique when a bloody match is necessitated. The feet and hands also contain a rather thin epidermis which would bleed more than other parts of the body if jabbed topically.

Had this woman been more objectively studied in a scientific environment, without the obscuring benefit of blankets, pillows, and covers, such as those in her own home where she knows where to hide pins and razors - even the rosary she was grasping a bit too tightly. But with a sterile, 360* monitoring process; even in the unlikely possibility that she did not self-inflict the injuries, then it could be proven that she inflicted them upon herself with the intensity of emotion, which may go more towards proving of auto-tactile telekinisis, perhaps providing some evidence in the realm of Parapsychology, whether or not she necessitated a religious framework to accomplish this feat, as emotional language triggers an emotional response, not a rational reaction, yet still does not "prove" the existence of an external "God" {though it would benefit that peasant type}, but rather that the Brain is God - the Be All, End All, of All.

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