DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Black Dragon Phoenix

Satanic Serenades: Black Heart Poetry

Black Dragon Phoenix
By Draconis Blackthorne, 2/1/XLIII

The Wheel has turned, by season's churn
Blackest flames twist and burn
Infernal Dragon birthed
The sphere is one, the sphere is none
A timeless secret not undone...

Passing through the looking glass
Travel through the chasm vast
Reflection manifest The Will
Emerge in the eternal now...

Rejuvenation, transformation
The fires within purify
Crossing through the swirling gate
The Third Eye opens wide...

In the darkness of regeneration
The serpent sheds its skin
Omnipotent visualization
Begins anew again...

Drawing deep, the shadow fang
Piercing eyes, and heart, and brain
Immortal form, Hellish born...

Black Phoenix flies, forever night!
In Power, Joy, unending Might!

Tags: black heart poetry, satanic serenades

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