Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Giger Calendar

Giger Calendar 2008 c.e.
Morpheus Gallery

Giger Calendar 2008 c.e.Dare you venture into Giger's Satanic World of nether-wordly creatures and Hellish landscapes? A place which brings comfort and inspiration, familiarity and contemplation... plunge the depths of The Abyss, open the gates to the dark subconscious and dwell in twelve supreme months of infernal meditation upon these legendary masterpieces.

* Contents:

Untitled {For Graw}, ELP II, Hieroglyphics {Work No. 385} [1], LI Sculpt, Birthmachine [2], Monsters of Rock [3], Magus [4], Landscape XXIII, Tourist VII [5], SIL {Detail} [6], Passagen, Aleph [7].

The glossy black Giger Calendar also includes special notes of observation, infamous dates and individuals of remembrance, a biography including a diabolically-stylized portrait of The Artist, photos of the Giger Bar & Museum H.R. Giger in Switzerland, along with monthly quotes from historical artists, writers, philosophers, and occultists.

Giger has the amazing capability to interpret mythological concepts in his own lambent artistic style, utilizing tradition, imagination, and improvisation to manifest a unique iconoclastic vision. It is truly a pleasure to display this veritable portfolio in The Blackthorne Lair.

* Here I shall describe some of the more remarkable presentations from this edition in My estimation:

[1] In Egyptian metaphorical mythology, Nuit provides the framework of the universe, with a pharaoh ascending into the ether, accompanied by the egg of transformation / regeneration.
[2] A clever depiction of both insemination via this phallic metal instrument / chamber of lust, combined with a likely depiction of the birth canal. Read: "Love Gun".
[3] A more or less 'untraditional' work by Giger, employing vibrant color combinations into an amalgam of amorphous images, faces and forms.
[4] A definite top favorite. depicting an adept and his thought forms, detailing highly symbolically descriptive processes of Magical practice.
[5] Some of his more bio-mechanic work, featuring android-like creatures out for a perusal.
[6] A dream-like morbid lady in metallic skeletal bio-mechanoid motif.
[7] Carries an encompassing erotic element with yoni and lingam displayed within the menagerie, seemingly signifying sexual magic.

Tags: aesthetics, art, giger, shadow gallery

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