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Rites of The Black Mass

Acheron: Rites of The Black Mass
{XLIII A.S. Dying Music Records. Vocals, Bass, Rhythm Guitar: Vincent Crowley; Pete Slate: Lead Guitar; James Strauss: Drums; Magus Peter H. Gilmore: Introductory Narrations. Genre: Metal / Symphonic}

Acheron:  Rites of The Black MassWith impressive new album art, featuring The Prince of Darkness enthroned and accompanied by a couple of succubi and serpents in an appropriately Hellish environment, the re-release of Rites of The Black Mass is still complete with introductory orchestral narrations by Magus Gilmore, with songs featuring genuine litany from Dr. LaVey's The Satanic Rituals' cathartically theatrical Le Messe Noir, making this opus unique by itself, but for those who appreciate the Blackest of Metal musick straight from The Pit, this remains a barely comparable unleashing, casting an evocatively embracing shadow of formative daemonic evilution.

A CD booklet with lyrics is also included, which the previous circa XXXI A.S. did not include {one had to actually request it from The Order of The Evil Eye, due to the explicitly intense blasphemous lyrics, which was quite pioneering in the latter phase of The Satanic Panic}, threatening and seemingly succeeding in pulling the fetters of mythological heaven down, with some new band photos added as well; and quite pleasingly, I received an autographed copy from Mr. Crowley himself. Sound is excellent, if not even enhanced.

So even if you still possess the original CD, cassette, or vinyl, this one is definitely worth acquiring if just for the artistry for your salacious contemplation, and the fact that demos and pre-demos for ROTBM are graciously included herein. If you have never heard, and otherwise desired to experience this previously-hard to find musickal tribute to the Luciferian rebellious liberation of The Black Mass, now is your chance to sign the pact!


Tags: malefick musick

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