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Vampira Show clips restoration

Vampira Show clips restoration

The latest press release from the office:


Vampira“LiveFeed Video Imaging is pleased to announce the restoration of the only known video footage of Maila Nurmi, in her role as the legendary TV horror movie hostess “Vampira.”

Originally airing live during 1954-55, exclusively in the Los Angeles area, it was believed until recently that no footage of the iconic late-night program had been preserved—but during a recent vault search, it was discovered that about 3 minutes of studio material from the August 14, 1954 program had been incorporated into a sales film that the sponsoring station (KABC) used to attract advertisers to their local programming.

After securing the material, and giving loyal fans a “first look” at the footage on the popular “Vampira’s Attic”, Nurmi and her business associate, Clint Hickman decided to go one step farther with the presentation of the material, and hired video restoration expert Kevin Segura (“The Kingston Trio: Wherever We May Go” and “Elvis Presley: The Ed Sullivan Shows”) to assess the clips for a possible LiveFeed Video Imaging processing that would restore the program’s “live broadcast” look.

“Well, to say the least, it was a pleasant surprise to hear that the material had been located.” Segura said. “With a local television production, particularly one of this vintage, you always have to expect the worst, in terms of survival. Since there was no requirement or financial incentive in those days for a local station to preserve their originating broadcasts, all too often, when you go to look for something, the first thing you discover is that nothing was ever saved in the first place. And although we’d previously heard vague rumors of some “Vampira” footage actually having been archived, there was never any firm evidence offered to indicate that was actually the case.”

“As it turned, we were lucky– the film clips had been compiled and then largely overlooked for the intervening half-century— which meant they were in great shape when we viewed them. Fortunately for all of us, the surviving footage, like Vampira herself, just refused to stay buried. And as always, it was thrilling to see the LiveFeed treatment bring her so realistically back to life— er, death.”

A project which will showcase the restored footage is currently in development.”


I found this restoration project quite satisfying, not only because it turned out quite well, but also because of the absolute rarity of the material… to anyone’s knowledge, there is no more Vampira footage out there. At least what has managed to survive has now been properly restored.

And– believe it or not, there’s another LiveFeed announcement to be made, but I’m afraid the details will actually have to wait until November, when the official project announcement is due to be issued… promise to fill you in as soon as possible, so stay tuned!!

I had admired the Vampira aesthetic ever since I very first saw her on 'Plan 9 From Outer Space' one late night, and wondered from time to time whatever became of her, wanting to see more of this dark beauty. I was well familiar with Elvira {I knew of the contention and law suit}, and later Morticia Addams and Lily Munster, but it eventually became realized that Vampira was the originator of the erotically-endowed black shrouded female figure, specifically a Horror Hostess. Obviously, Charles Addams' illustrations initially conjured up Morticia, but there was never an incarnation of this ideal until Vampira realized it for late night audiences}.

Up until she came along, most if not all female representations related to the Occult and Horror genres were limited to antiquated amazons, obese "fertility goddesses", grotesque hags, or simpering peasants. But she was regal and elegant, with a wonderful combination of fear and sexuality, arresting the gaze with the Command to Look.

A former acquaintance met her at a Hollywood nightclub once around Halloween, wherein she was attired in her Vampira persona, relating his observation that she was every bit a true lady, charming. beautiful, and amazingly youthful, as if her transformation into that timeless presentation preserved that glamorous beauty indefinitely, which I know to be distinctly possible.

When Tim Burton's 'Ed Wood' was released, it provided a renewed interest in Vampira. Unfortunately, it seems that little was preserved from those original broadcasts. The portion which has been found is now being restored - perhaps more will be discovered in time, and I know there will be a willing audience to view it, as I for One, definitely would, and look forward to more.

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