Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Dark Somewhere II

Dark Somewhere
A Magazine of Dark Fiction
XLIII A.S. Issue #2. $5 U.S. / $7 International. 44 pages.

Dark Somewhere IIDark Somewhere magazine presents five morbid tales of horror fantasy from various authors including Warlock Hernandez, Michael Silva himself, and this writer, plunging the depths of the carnal, erotic, the feral, the chthonic, and the mystical.

Each darkly well-descriptive story is accompanied by an impressive rendering of the tale told by the expert pen of Mr. Silva, creating a veritable "Lovecraftian Journal" of thrilling terrors perfect for a dark stormy night.

Art within features draconian forms in flight, a Sorcerer coalescing with an old one from the stygian leagues, a plethora of salacious demonic creatures, a humanimalistic warrior, and generously curvacious succubi throughout.

Filled with suspense, thrilling escapades, and concupiscent contemplation, Dark Somewhere magazine is aesthetically as well as literarily pleasing - a sheer pleasure to aphotically enjoy.


Order directly from: Bolt of The Goat

Tags: literature, satan's scroll

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