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Snake mishap

Australian snake misses the birdie, swallows golf balls

SYDNEY (AFP) — Emergency surgery was performed to save an Australian snake that swallowed four golf balls after mistaking them for chicken eggs, a veterinarian said Thursday.

A couple discovered the one-metre (three-foot) python at their property with four bulges in its stomach and realised it had eaten golf balls placed on nests in a chicken coop to calm broody hens.

They took the ailing serpent to Currimbin Wildlife Sanctuary in Queensland state where senior veterinarian Michael Pyne safely removed the balls.

"Without surgery, it would have certainly died," Pyne told AFP.

"The golf balls had travelled as far as they could in the snake's system and it was destined for a slow, painful death without surgery.

"You could clearly see the golf balls on the X-rays, so we knew what we were dealing with."

Pyne said the snake, which is not considered dangerous to humans, was recovering well after the surgery late last month and would soon be released back into the wild, near the property where it was originally discovered.

"I think the people who brought it in will have to make their chicken coop a little more snake-proof once it gets back," he said.

File Photo

Mr. Snake Slithersworth says:

"Well, mistakes happen to the best of us. I was just looking for those hard-to-find pickled eggs, being that they looked a bit different, and thought that they were rather stale. I'll have those darned pickled eggs yet!"

File video of Mr. Slithersworth having a snack:

"Now thats how you eat an egg!" ~ Slithersworth.
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