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The Devil's Rain returns...

The Black Book of Shadows: Alright, this may sound a bit insane by the uninitiated, but I can make it rain - and have been able to produce such precipitation since a Dracling, for such is My prerogative towards storms. Two days ago, LB and I had contemplated how nice it would be if there would be some rain soon in the forecast; and she realizes My propensity towards Ecomancy, so, I endeavored to bring forth a tempest from wherever it may be found. I recalled that there is a system on the Florida coast, and endeavored to bring some of it here. Now lo and behold, the weather has now darkened and cooled, and rain is scheduled for this area. It is always amusing to listen to meteorologists mention the term "freak storm" in relation to this conjuring. So now it is delightfully overcast as the fog rolls in, and so let the thunder roll and lightning strike.

My recommendation for budding Ecomancers is to write down the type of, the date your spell was performed, and the subsequent date of fulfillment - thereby, you will be able to gauge approximate cycles of manifestation, as well as provide the closest "proof" of adeptness.


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