Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Timeless technology

I was pleased to receive the "Emerson NR303TT Heritage Series 4-in-1 Home Music System" recently, which now compliments The Noctuary splendidly. The antique smooth wooden finish design with all the modern features as well, being both aesthetically and technologically pleasing is a wonderful combination. It almost seems like these retro-innovations were made with the discerning Satanist in mind. In today's disposable society, where in many cases the herd's "past" is our present, from rare collectibles, to scouring antique shops for rare treasures, furniture, and objects d'art, this combines the best of both worlds in one.

  • Record turntable: I do have a penchant to collect rare vinyl, for the artistic, evocative, and arcane sonic value. Considering I also have preserved much of My first purchases from Draclinghood, this will be quite interesting, much better than the rather bland current models. Plus, the liftable top also provides for a nice pedestal for a bust or statuette.

  • Cassette Player: Located on the side, with which to listen to My extensive collection of tapes, some of which have been incrementally collected on CD as well, but much of which are both irreplaceable and contain sentimental value as well.

  • AM/FM features: Tuning knobs with spindle pointing to station numbers, the yellowish light, provide for a particularly evocative experience, even with that certain whistling sound while changing between stations. At times, it almost seems as if one is receiving stations from the golden era of radio.

  • CD player: The black planchette is contained behind a decorative silver finish design and is completely unobtrusive for one's total environment theme.

There is no denying the time travel dynamic which occurs when using this entertainment system, as well as others in the line, wherein one feels as if transported and preserved into the misty corridors of one's timeless preference. These types of 'retro-designs' have been available for a few years now, and in My opinion, it behooves the Satanist interested in cultural anthropology to take advantage of their recreation. ∞

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Tags: malefick musick, technology, total environment

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