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Corpse Bride

Corpse Bride
{XXXIX A.S. Directed by Tim Burton. Soundtrack by Danny Elfman. Screenplay by John August, Caroline Thompson, Pamela Pettler. Voices includeChristopher Lee, Johnny Depp, Tracey Ullman, Helena Bonham Carter, Joanna 'Ab Fab' Lumley, and Danny 'Red Wolf' Elfman}

From the creator of The Nightmare Before Christmas, the marianettes return to grace the stage and enchant the mind in this veritable aesthetic sequel to the Halloweentown masterpiece.

Set in repressive Victorian England, Victor Van Dort {who seems like a grown-up Vincent}, is a groom-to-be who stumbles out upon the grave of the morbidly lovely Emily, a dead bride who whole-heartedly accepts his vows while practicing in the woods. At the insistence of their families, he was betrothed to "Victoria" {read Ed Wood's 'Victor/Victoria'}, yet their oppressive natures sets him to seek solace in the nearby wilderness where he rehearses for the ceremony.

By the by, he feels himself growing fond of this corpse bride who takes him down to meet the denizens of her world, where he becomes acquainted with all sorts of interesting characters therein, consisting of a collection of free-spirited rogues, including a dancing skeleton named "Mr. Bonejangles" {Elfman; an obvious take on Sammy Davis Jr. complete with an eyeball which moves independently from one socket to another}, Paul the head waiter {a literal head with a French accent who goes about on spindles protruding from the neck}, a worm-like maggot with the certain features and personality modeled after Peter Lorre, a rather cute black widow spider, and a dog named Scraps who could very well be the skeleton of Zero.

Barkis Bittem is a black widower and a generally right rotten bastard who acquires his wealth on the deaths of previous wives, including Emily. With the mystical help of Elder Gutknecht, Victor, Emily along with her dead friends, walk the earth with the living to gather in a church for their marriage, despite the protests of Pastor Galswels {Lee}, where Barkis makes an appearance, who meets a proper demise. A surprising turn of events ensues with a beautifully bittersweet ending.

The worlds of the erstwhile dead and the living are juxtaposed between the colorful underworld, and the dismal mortal world above, where 'the dead' seem liberated from perfidious constraints. The visuals are superb in that splendidly gothic ambiance with a glorious soundtrack to match. No CGI, just the wonderful implementation of this past orthodoxy, preserving this magnificent theatrical art.

Corpse Bride is yet another marvel to be added to one's collection of cinematic treasures.


Tags: spechtreum

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