DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Shadow Gallery: Lust Baphomet

Lust Baphomet

Description: This sigil demonstrates the epystomological evolution and unification of the Dionysian essence of the archetype of the Lord of Lust. Pan / Dionysis {Lust}, Bacchus {indulgence in fine philtres; The Bachannal of mutual orgiastic pleasures}, Priapus {the erect phallus of fertility}, Baphomet {here represented in the Beast-Man / humanimal, the civil and bestial merged as one; an understanding of one's natural animal nature}, and the surrounding Theban characters which spell 'Lilit', an obvious derivation of Lilith {Succubus Goddess of Lust, Queen of carnal delights}. The blushed face demonstrates the dilated pupils with the ruddy flesh of arousal, welcoming satyrs and nymphs to indulgence.

Tags: art, baphomet, lust, shadow gallery, sigils

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