DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

S Magazine

S Magazine
{Volume 3, 2007. Published by editors Priestess Kim Rice and Witch Josephine Seven}

None other than Minnie Castavet graces the cover of issue 3 of S magazine, a really wonderful Satanic lifestyle journal, and in full color, no less, in vivid laser-print quality. I particularly enjoy the Satanic Homemaker of the Year contest with some of My favorite fetishistic women {I wonder if Samantha Stevens was also in the running?}.

Herein is filled with many imaginative recipes for various dark cuisines, to gardening, total environments, pets, incense-making and historicity, makeup tips, an interview with a lounge act, incisive essays on technology {by this author} and philosophical contemplation, and the hilarious mailbag section! Plus much more in this elegant and generous 66 page comb-bound compendium.

S Magazine is a veritable Satanic Martha Stewart publication optimally recommended for all things dealing with The Satanist's Lair. Indeed, the very fact that this publication even exists is further testament that we are absolutely in full 'swing' within The Age of Fire.

[ S Magazine ]

Tags: literature, multimedia reviews

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