Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,


"White Metal"...???

For whatever reason, Stryper performed at the High School I was attending in the San Gabriel Valley, which was complete happenstance. I did not know of this performance, and being that I was a couple of weeks late for the first of the semester due to the recent move, it was surprising when I was being told about it by classmates; then an announcement on the intercom declared that they were on campus, and if we wanted to, we could go view them - so again, I thought "what the Hell" - I do not believe I would have actually gone out of My way to see them, but if they were here anyway, might as well witness this spectacle. Thing is, the music really is not that bad at all, and the whole xian propaganda angle was realized as just a gimmick, what with actually throwing NT bibles out into the audience plastered with a Stryper sticker on the front cover {one of which I managed to catch, and no, it is not for sale}, they could just not be taken seriously.

Those unfamiliar with this band should know that they billed themselves as so-called "white metal", with their teased hair, glam makeup, bee-like black and yellow stripes, and tight spandex, preaching lyrics with christian references. Deriving their name from a line of scripture mentioning healing stripes, they became a rather hokey enigma, condemned by both discriminating metal heads and rabid xian-reich fundies, and so the act was born. Others followed suit with the absurd "Angelica" {an obvious rip-off on Metallica}, Trouble, Saint, Holy Soldier, and White Cross, among many others; but what has remained a constant with these types of bands is the total lack of originality, as they all seemed inferior comparisons to original ideas proffered by the Devil. [see Wikipedia: Christian Metal].

It was especially ironically amusing because not only was I a fully realized Satanist by this time, but in My left front inner pocket I carried The Satanic Bible, and for the rest of that afternoon, I placed the Stryper bible in My front right inner side pocket until I returned back home to put it away with some of the other metal paraphernalia I had collected at various shows.

Anyway, they performed songs from "Soldiers Under Command", "The Yellow and Black Attack", and "To Hell With The Devil". This was also around the time The Night Stalker was hunting in the Los Angeles area, so maybe this concert was an attempt to offset the gruesome news and paranoia, and of course, profit {prophet} from it.

As an interesting aside, some time later while attending a local college, some stranger would approach Me and hand Me a CD by a band named "Die Happy" with a logo displaying a happy face and crossbones, which features members from xian-thrash band "Vengeance Rising". The former seemed a somewhat more musically evolved version of the latter, with more of a concentration on melodies. But overall, in relation to this so-called "white metal", or white-washed metal, why settle for less?

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