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Mr. Bean's Holiday

Mr. Bean's Holiday
{XLII A.S. Directed by Steve Bendelack. Starring Rowan Atkinson, Steve Pemberton, Lily Atkinson, Preston Nyman, Sharlit Deyzac, Francois Touch, Emma de Caunes, Willem Dafoe. Genre: Comedy.}

Rowan Atkinson returns as Mr. Bean, who just wants to go to the beach. After winning a raffle for a vacation package to lightmarish Cannes, France from pleasantly rainy England, Mr. Bean takes his complimentary camera to film the trip, immediately experiencing various hilarious mishaps, including dumping coffee on a laptop..., to misplacing his passport, train ticket, and inadvertently separating a boy and his father; wherein the two eventually become friends and cooperate together to raise money to contact the father and travel to Cannes.

With his trusty camcorder chronicling the trip, poor Mr. Bean experiences Murphy's Law at every turn, but somehow always manages to emerge from various predicaments all the better. Other scenes include a grueling raw shrimp sea food luncheon while under the gaze of a condescending Maitre'D, chasing a chicken on a bicycle across the French countryside, becoming stranded {getting confined in an outhouse}, and taking part in a film production wherein Bean dresses as a Nazi soldier {whose goose-stepping antics get him quite literally stuck}, dancing for coins, and even cross-dressing!

While hitch-hiking, he meets a cute French girl named Sabine along the way, who just so happens to have a part in director "Carson Clay's" {Willem Defoe} boringly pretentious and exaggerated self-aggrandizing production at the Cannes film festival, ending up, through Mr. Bean's efforts, providing appropriate exposure for Sabine.

Finally, through all the obstacles, a joyously blissful Mr. Bean reaches the beach, and the picture in the brochure comes to life. Towards the end, the film strangely becomes a musical, probably as an expression to convey the impression of an erstwhile European production, and actually manages to grant the viewer the sensation of being a tourist overall.

While not quite as amusing as his adventure to America in the first Mr. Bean film, Mr. Bean's Holiday is still a welcomed, hilarious voyage into this most entertaining character. The more the better, in My opinion.

The DVD also contains documentary material with interviews with the cast members including Rowan Atkinson. I was quite delightfully surprised to find a special package combination with the DVD, including a Mr. Bean bobble-head from the folks at Funko {who also brought us the hula devil girl and the Mr. Burns bank, among other whimsical items}, who has now taken his place by the viewing monitor.

616 is 919...


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