Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Devilutions: The Ultimate Villain

A recent recollection:
The Ultimate Villain...

As a sophomore, there was one incident in which I was privately discussing Satanism with a couple of fellow students, when I noticed a crowd beginning to incrementally grow about us. There was this peculiar 'trend' among students to gather en-masse whenever a perceived 'fight' was occurring on campus, so there I was, surrounded by a couple of hundred expecting to see a scuffle, but instead, began becoming increasingly interested in what this form in black had to say, as I began receiving all sorts of questions from various curious parties - undefiled wisdom right out of The Satanic Bible. When the majority realized that this was not some bloody conflict, the crowd began to diminish.

Now, I was not seeking to proselytize, yet the inherent curiosity in dark subject matter bade quite a few to remain. Amusingly, at one point, a known thug and local bully stated "I'm bad, but not THAT bad...", and disappeared into the crowd. Good riddance to the criminal element. Certainly, had there been any reason for conflict, My Martial Arts training would have taken care of that nicely.

Seems that even those among the herd who consider themselves 'tough guys' display erstwhile 'respect' out of fear, for their minds are quite consumed with superstition, which the Satanist would exploit to one's benefit. Sincere inquiries from honestly questioning minds are appropriately addressed, considering our basics are widely available, but to those who are either unwilling or unable to comprehend our philosophy, should remain in their self-imposed ignorance. After that point in this particular school, that potential antagonist remained distant, left My acquaintances alone, as I was known as the school Satanist.

This reminds Me of an aphorism: "There's always someone meaner, tougher than you are..." As we align ourselves with the archetype of the ultimate rebel, the ultimate villain, perhaps in the case of a Satanist, it IS The Satanist!

Tags: autobiography, devilutions, writing

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