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The Hollyweird days...

Having partially grown up in the San Fernando Valley*, it just so happened that I once in awhile inadvertantly ran into various entertainers from time to time while out and about minding My own business, so I was reminded of the following two incidents earlier this evening during an amusing conversation:

In My Dreams...

It was the bright idea of a friend at the time to go meet with one Don Dokken as he recorded tracks to his new album "Under Lock & Key". Upon arrival on a souped-up motorcycle, he was actually surprised we knew of the location, and fortunately allowed us to enter with him. We were present in-studio as he recorded "In My Dreams". Turns out he was hungry at the time and requested chinese food. Before departing, he actually autographed the nubile breasts of our two beautiful female companions. We later departed to a local diner for indulgence.

Missing Persons...

In Draclinghood, while on a camp trip to the beach of all places, I spotted one "Dale Bozzio" of 'Missing Persons' as she was taping a video, part of which took place on a jeep at the beach. There she was was hanging off the tail end when our gazes locked for a second as the jeep drove by preceeded by a camera crew. Most memorable about that encounter were her crystalline blue eyes which stood out even more while framed by thick black eyeliner. I subsequently developed a small temporary crush on her and sought to find that then forbidden spread in Hustler magazine, which I did soon thereafter at a local liquor store.

* From whence the uber-pretentious, air-headed "Valley Girl" characterization originated, which seems to actually be not too far from the truth. Interesting to note that a fellow student in My Tae Kwon Do dojo from the Adult class actually recorded a "Valley Dudes" song by "The Straight A's" in response to the satirical "Valley Girl" song by Frank & Moon Zappa. It was actually played a few times on The Dr. Demento Show on KMET.

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