Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Merry, Shhh, Creepy, Halloween...

Merry, Shhh, Creepy, Halloween...
{"Halloween With The Addams Family", XII A.S.}

xmas & easter bring wonderful treasures
But spirits & pumpkins bring far greater pleasures
Phantoms & ghosts make wonderful hosts
And every year they come here
To wish you a Merry, Shhh, Creepy, Halloween...

This is the night of heavenly fright
Witches on broomsticks are up to their tricks
Vultures & blackbirds are always together
Spiders spin cobwebs in overcast weather
Bogeyman, bats, & our favorite cats
And very year they com here
To wish you a merry, Shhh, Creepy, Halloween...

Frankenstein's monster is having a ball
Scaring the goblins right off of the wall
And poltergeists wail to the moon
Which looks like a silver balloon
They wish you a merry, shhh, creepy Halloween...

The Legend of Cousin Shy

It was Halloween evening...
{The Addams Family series; Season One, episode 7: "Halloween With The Addams Family".}

It was Halloween evening, and through the abode
Not a creature was stirring, not even a toad
Jack O' Lanterns are hung on the gallows with care
To guide sister Witch as she flies through the air
{"drawn by eight beautiful bats" ~ Gomez*}
And she calls out to them:

Uncle Fester: "Come flitter, come flutter, come flapper and flier Come chitter, come chatter, come vicious vampire!"

{So under the moon they glide on a gale
With ghosties and beasties they let out a wail
On Halloween evening, Cousin Shy parts the veil
With a Happy Halloween, into the night they sail! ~ DB.}

Tags: addams family, halloween

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