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The Black House: A Tribute to Anton S. LaVey

The Black House: A Tribute to Anton S. LaVey
{XLII A.S. Black House Tribute Records / RedBitch Production}

The Black House: A Tribute to Anton S. LaVeyThe Immortal Legend is honored in this wonderful compendium of visual and auditory gratification. With splendid cover art by Melanie Laetitia Mantis, the strike-bolt of the black flame is there boldly embossed by the immortally iconographic Black House, as the Gates of Hell are again parted to let loose these daemonic muses of creation...

I. High Priest Peter H. Gilmore: What Is Good?

Introducing this musickal tributary*, Magus Gilmore potently narrates a passage from Nietzsche's "Will To Power" to the strains of this compelling composition invoking the element of Might. [Genre: Electronic, Narration].

II. Magister Svengali & Magister Lang: Death Rune.

Done to a very Lustmord resounding soundtrack, a full Satanic Ritual Curse is performed chastising various shit-disturbers, misdirected masochists, the rotten inferior, and wastrels, to cast they and their kin into mediocrity, where they belong. Towards the finale, the Death Rune is invoked to deliver the death blow. [Genre: Spoken, psychodrama, sound effects].

III. Le' rue Delashay: Battle Hymn of The Apocalypse.

From the sublime 'The Revelations of Wave & Form' opus, Maestro Delashay's masterfully moving rendition of Dr. LaVey's 'Battle Hymn of The Apocalypse' is most appropriately included herein, which was certainly a pleasing inclusion, doing great honor to the original. [Genre: Classical].

IV. Sonny Bellavance: Doktor LaVey's Waltz.

This haunting acoustic sonata floats aristocratically into the chambre from a timeless realm, with a regal contemplation. [Genre: Acoustic, Classical].

V. Vern: Lust and Companion.

Instrumental Industrial permutations array this erotically passionate piece granting the impression of the sights and sensations of an evocatively lascivious leather and silken bound Vampiric night. [Genre: Industrial].

VI. The Quintessentials: The Black Pope.

Warlock Hernandes' contribution recalls Dr. LaVey's declaration of Year One of The Age of Fire in this memorably hoof-tapping number reminicent of The Misfits. The conclusion sarcastically waxes Norwegian Black Metal within the last minute. [Genre: Punk Rock].

VII. Hell of All Hells: All Hail.

Preserving and expressing a past orthodoxy, with rhythmic grinding guitars and pounding drums reminiscent of Rvnning Wild and Mercyful Fate, Hell of All Hells' 'All Hail' recalls original Heavy Metal circa mid-80's to the fore, pleasingly brooding and sinister, including a choral clarion call of "All... Hail Satan!" [Genre: Heavy Metal].

VIII. Reverend Harris: Satanism Today (Radio Show).

Reverend Harris shares an amusingly pretentious communique, with recommendations for personal commiseration. [Genre: Spoken].

IX. Biomechanik: Nervenstrang Biomechanik.

Likened NON, Biomechanik takes the listener into a dark cyborg future congruent with Bladerunner, complete with machine-like punctuations and a delightfully chilling robotic voice. [Genre: Industrial].

X. Emage Diakon: Auf Des Satans Thron.

Clips of Dr. LaVey's interviews from Satanis grace this EHC / Ramms+ein / Laibach-inspired, cold, clinical, military piece from brilliant Artist Emage Diakon. The instrumentation grows to a layered crescendo, until quieting for the quotations, then rebuild unto an increasing intensity. [Genre: Industrial].

XI. Sonny Bellavance: Indulgences.

An eerily melancholy piece ideal for elegant indulgence which probably would be appreciated by The Marquis DeSade. By listening to this complimentary sonata, one ponders portraits, tapestries, and aristocratic finery set in a beautifully artistic environment. [Genre: Acoustic, Classical]

XII. RazorDog: The 13 Steps Ritual.

Dedicated to Warlock Crowclaws, and beginning with the sounds of entering a concert hall to an orchestra tuning for a performance which is 'The 13 Steps Ritual', this piece inspires a compassionate response combined with a glorious fanfare, stimulating prideful contemplation. [Genre: Classical].

XIII. Chris Menta: Cain's Generation {Bonus Video Track}.

An accompanyng visual tribute to Dr. LaVey, along with the tremendously talented Musicians and Artists who materialized this historic tribute. Also features amazing photographs from the 6/6/6 Satanic High Mass, all set to Menta's composition 'Cain's Generation' which again engenders a feeling of pride and Power.

Overall, a very pleasing manifestation by the alien elite which shall remain a frequent pleasure.

Hail Dr. LaVey! Hail The Infernal Empire! HAIL SATAN!

* formerly included as an intro on Acheron's "Lex Talionis" CD.

Tags: black pope, church of satan, infernal empire, malefick musick, music review

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