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Motel Bizarre

Motel Bizarre
Tales and Horrid Scenes from No-Tell Motels
by Stephanie Crabe / Christopher Mealie

Motel Bizarre by Stephanie CrabeI recently received the limited and autographed 'pillowcase' edition of this book in the post, and once again, I Am very pleased with the quality from Scapegoat Publishing. Accompanied by a glossy photograph of the lovely author, a poolside scene arrayed with whoopie cushions; the snug pillowcase seems a remnant of these cross country roadside adventures.

In many senses, the motel room is a stage for the practice of many a forbidden fetish, to exercise all those desires in secret. A veritable covert rendezvous for quick, cheap, and oft-times twisted gratification. Throughout the book, it seems the so-called "seven deadly sins" are displayed.

I commend Mr. Mealie's sublime use of metaphor in the introduction in describing the underbelly of this section of hidden Americana. Also included is a history of the Motel-hotel institution, like looking into a trash culture human cage, with an anthroplogical perspective, from seedy scenes and environments, demonstrating crime, prostitution, homicide, suicide, compulsive activities, and its unsavory denizens in a lambent photographic style, truly illuminating the psychological core of these characters, from bank robbers to pimps, whores, and strippers, to serial killers, rapists, inferior white-trash neo-nazi posers, to despirate loners, cheating spouses, and housewives seeking cheap thrills.

Motel Bizarre is an amusing pictoral sociological study in deviance, flashing a spotlight into these dismal neon-speckled taboo dens of baseness, where the iniquities of the human animal prevail without reproach, so long as the room is paid for the night.

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