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The Rocky Horror Picture Show
X A.S. Directed by Jim Sharman. Written by Richard O' Brien, Jim Sharman. Starring Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick, Richard O'Brien, Patricia Quinn, Nell Campbell, Jonathan Adams, Peter Hinwood, Meat Loaf, Charles Gray. Genre: Sinemaerotica. Musical, Horror, Sci-Fi

A set of succulent red lips sings us into the film with evocative recollections of cinematic sci-fi and horror presentations at the late night double-feature picture show, at times fading wherein the teeth resemble tombstones for the beginning credits, until transitioning into a wedding scene...

Told from the perspective of 'The Criminologist' {Charles Gray}, Newlyweds Brad & Janet break down on a dark and stormy night by The Frank-N-Furter mansion, which just so happens to be in the midst of a celebration; set to the favored tune "Over At The Frankenstein Place", and seeking assistance, the naive couple are engulfed into the darkly erotic world of Dr. Frank-N-Furter and its eccentric residents, who dance the fun and jaunty "The Time Warp". Now this far into The Lair, and still wet from the rain, they essentially become veritable prey to the lusts of their debauched host.

First they meet sullen butler "Riff-Raff", then Magenta, the other weird and wacky celebrants, and eventually the cross-dressed Frank-N-Furter himself, who makes his grand entrance in a number named "Sweet Transvestite".

In the Promethian tradition of Frankenstein, Frank-N-Furter reveals his top secret project this night, and creates his blonde muscle-bound artificial human companion named "Rocky" in this case, with the brain of a child and the body of an Adonis. Annoyed by a surprise visit from former "bad boy" lover "Eddie" on his motorcycle, who disrupts this glorious unveiling, and steals the spotlight; Frank-N-Furter rids he and his guests from this sh*t-disturber, to the depression and misery of the lovely tap-dancing Columbia.

Subsequently, after immobilizing his antagonists and an amusing zombified puppet show featuring all of Frank-N-Furter's sexual conquests, followed by a lascivious carousal, a mutiny is attempted by unlikely siblings Magenta and Riff-Raff, who decide that Frank-N-Furter has gone too far with his depravities, and eager to return to their native planet of Transexual Transylvania, dispatch Frank-N-Furter and become the new Alien King and Queen.

"The Rocky Horror Picture Show", or 'RHPS', remains a "cult-classic" which has constantly been on the silver screen somewhere in select theatres since its premiere, attracting costumed enthusiastic fans who have developed their own inter-active additional dialogue to accompany that of the characters, while singing along and dancing in the aisles.

The film features a lively and memorable soundtrack which will provide an amusing listen every time.

Whether attending one of these fun Halloweenish events or viewing the presentation in one's very own Lair, RHPS promises an amusing perusal into this unique erotic musical, which actually jump-started the careers of several notable performers including Tim Curry {Legend, Batman, The Shadow, Frankenstein: Through The Eyes of The Monster}, Susan Sarandon {The Hunger}, and Meatloaf {Bat Out of Hell}.


Tags: sinemaerotica, spechtreum

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