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{XVII A.S. Written & Directed by Tim Burton. Narrated by Vincent Price. Genre: Dark Poetic, Animation}

Vincent Malloy just wants to be like Vincent Price*, who is superb as the narrator, adding a truly hauntingly evocative touch. He imagines various scenarios and characters, and what he would like to do to certain people...

He is a polite boy with vast creative capabilities, whose talents should be channeled into productive practices like writing, painting, drawing, sculpting, and perhaps... film making? It seems Tim Burton was merely exercising his own shadow side by observing his mirror image as a child.

Very reminiscient of Edgar Allan Poe in story-telling style, and Edward Gorey in illustration, Vincent looks like Edward Scissorhands as a child, whose vivid imagination takes him to the darkest dimensions of his mind, where he dwells in the shadows, preferring the company of spiders and bats to that of his sister and cats {although I would have preferred cats as well}, which concerns his mother, who admonishes him to go outside and play.

Additionally, there are actually several subtle cinematic predecessors in the visuals which prognosticate what was to come, such as an early variation of Jack Skellington, a sandworm, and the appearence of a zombie-like dog which would later re-appear as "Frankenweenie".

Eventually, his own imaginings overwhelm him, but it is only temporary. Another darkly charming tale of a somewhat strange character which proves to be an exploration into the viewer's own perceptions.


* Mr. Price once stated that he considered narrating this piece was true immortality; better than receiving a star on the Walk of Fame.

This film, along with "Frankenweenie", is provided as a bonus feature on the Special Edition Nightmare Before Xmas DVD.

Tags: film review, infernal progeny, spechtreum

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