DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

A boy genius and his dog...

{XIX A.S. Directed by Tim Burton. Writers: Tim Burton, Leonard Ripps. Starring Shelley Duvall, Daniel Stern, Barret Oliver, Joseph Maher, Roz Braverman, Paul Bartel. Genre: Sci-Fi Comedy}

Set in contemporary suburbia, young Victor Frankenstein happily plays with his aptly named bull terrier "Sparky", when the tragic happens... the spunky pooch is hit and killed by a car. Crushed, Victor struggles to acclimate to life without him, when he receives the bright Promethian idea to re-animate Sparky after watching the science teacher demonstrate electrical muscle spasms with an "ex-frog".

He rushes home to bring his beloved canine partner back to life. Under the suspicious gaze of a neighbor, he gathers the necessary equipment from the garage, and sneaks out to the pet cemetery to disinterr the pup, anxiously awaiting the next storm to arrive, which is fortunately within a couple night's time.

Predictably, after studying through several books on the subject, he actually manages to revivify Sparky, who now resembles a patchwork puppy, bolts, scars, and all. Joyful to be reunited with each other, all seems well until Sparky decides to run amok through the neighborhood, although most of the panic is due to the hysterical nature of a neighbor lady and a whining little girl.

When his parents realize that Sparky is actually alive again, they accept his return from the grave, welcoming him back to the family. Eventually, in a classic Hammer scene relative to the tale, the dog retreats to a windmill followed by Victor and the Frankensteins, where it is set ablaze by the frightened mob. Sparky 'justifies' himself by saving the boy, but is consumed in the inferno. Realizing that he saved the boy, everyone now seeks to resurrect Sparky again, via the combined electricity from all their automobiles with battery cables. And thus, little Victor is again reunited with his beloved friend, with a possible 'bride' to boot.

Frankenweenie is a delightful little tale about a boy and his dog which would be appreciated by Infernal Progeny and Tim Burton fantoms alike, with that pleasantly oddball twist on a classic.


Finally decided to review this charming presentation. This film, along with Vincent, is provided as a bonus feature on the Special Edition Nightmare Before Xmas DVD.

Tags: film review, infernal progeny, spechtreum

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