Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The joke's on you!

The joke's on you!

"...Listen with benign assurance as he laughs at your Magic, knowing his days are filled with turmoil all the while. If he is despicable enough, by Satan's Grace, he might even die - laughing!" ~ The Satanic Bible.

In Year XXXIII A.S., during the time spent in a web design credit class, at the beginning stages of the creation of The Shadowmantium, there was a certain individual therein who deemed to jest at the philosophy presented here. His introduction was innocuous enough. With a friendly demeanor, he desired to learn more about My interests, so I displayed the site for him without identifying it as created by Myself, which I have sometimes done to divulge the sincerity and true motivation of the inquirer. When I later informed him that it was indeed Mine, he displayed his insecurity and scoffed.

In the following weeks, whenever I briefly spotted this 'class clown', he would extend his tongue accompanied by The Cornu and shake his head in ignorant disapproval. Well, considering him and his 'opinions' insignificant, he remained an occasional mild irritation, and even an amusement, so I payed him no mind. Some time passed for Yuletime break, and the very next time I spotted this joker, he again began his mocking antics, although they were much more subdued. Then I noticed something off kilter with his stance. Turns out he was now on crutches as he hobbled away with a sobered attitude, and I knew he had received his justified punishment. That was the most entertaining sight this wise guy had ever provided, so I smiled widely in satisfaction, and returned to pleasantly continue The Devil's work. After that incident, I never saw him again...

Seems in some cases, those who are unwilling and/or unable to ascertain Satanic philosophy will outwardly assume an obnoxious attitude in an attempt to mask their intimidation, which is spawned from the subconscious, which inherently recognizes the reality of Magic, but which the conscious level often chooses to deny.

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