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The D0nut H0le

The Donut Hole
La Puente, CA

This venture takes us to... The Donut Hole! Open 24 hours, the resident "creatures of the night" can venture forth at any of the 'ungodly' hours of the evening for culinary pastry delights at leisure. This is a fanciful structure comprised of two giant donuts with a quote aptly stating "It's The Quality", wherein one may actually drive through the mystical "donut hole" hellmouth for sweet indulgence.

Established in 1956 c.e., The Donut Hole preserves a past {un}orthodoxy with character and quality in both service and luscious edibles. One can spot this landmark blocks away; a certain 'dominant mass', definitely asserting the 'lighthouse effect' upon the environment, complimenting the area with its aesthetic prominence.

For the optimum experience, you do not even have to leave the comfort of your automobile while you drive up "Donut Lane" {there is an actual sign}, while the savory scent of these fresh confections fill the air with tempting olfactory delights. However, a walk-up window is also available for additional convenience. In addition, coffee, cocoa, and even soda are also offered to accompany your portion if so desired.

One does their ordering to the left, while on the right, one may observe 'the works', as it were, showcasing a windowed room filled with several fantabulous donut-making contraptions. If one arrives at the right moment, one even witness these delectable aliments being prepared right before your eyes. All sorts of imaginable donuts are offered therein, from crullers to bear claws to sprinkled and jelly-filled comestibles. Even the "donut holes" themselves!

Whether for single consumption or sharing, dessert after a nutritious meal, for a brief "snackrifice" or sit-down enjoyment with a loved one and entertainment pleasure, the "Drac's dozen" is recommended*. ∞

* That is to say, in this case, the price for larger-sized donuts are a small bit more than a usual dozen, but well worth the inclusion.

As an extra treat, The Donut Hole was featured on Max Monroe, Loose Cannon:

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