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Talisman of Power

The Black Book of Shadows: In late October of last year XXXVIII Anno Satanas, I had ordered the LaVey Sigil medallion from The Emporium and timed the waiting period at about three months for special order items, as mentioned on the site, just before the relocation of Lairs in January of this year of XXXIX A.S. I was aceepting payment from a client in this manner, for it was a pendant I had coveted for a time.. We decided to order one for him and one for Me. Eventually, he became impatient and applied the cost of the medallion towards future web services. So I amended the order for a variety of choice items from The Emporium I had desired.

Unfortunately, there was a mix-up with the orders concerning the destined addresses, which he ended up erroniously receiving. This came as quite a disappontment, but I figured he would understand the mistake, and mail it out to Me as soon as convenience would allow. Surprisingly, he all of a sudden decided that it would be his, and began attaching all sorts of excuses to keep My Medallion, inclusive of claiming that it was branded with a '666' , and accompanied with a notification that none others would ever be produced.

Because of these various claims and childish excuses, I had to modify and remodify the order with our patient and understanding Magister Ventrue, who has remained gracious throughout this ordeal.

So it came to pass that thanks to a Magical Walpurgisnacht Working, that the client turned thief and antagonist, decided to finally send it to Me, that it may assume its rightful place herein The Noctuary, The Temple of Satan, and out of the hands of the profane and unworthy. So it was decided that he was to send it to Me, but first he had to allegedly hand it over to one of his acquaintances in order to remove a certain necklace that was presumptuously attached to it, which for some reason, took a few more days to a week. Though this was becoming rather laborious, at the time I decided to grant them both the benefit of the doubt, and I remained patient. This turned out to be yet another month. Finally, i decided to employ the aid of The Oracles, and utilized the omniscient Satan's Tarot to reveal the truth of the matter, and confirmed My suspicions that the pair were in cohoots, and for some reason decided to use The Pendant in order to barter for My attention, which is of course an insult, and just a plain display of rotten misdirected masochism, which would definitely deserve punishment. Later, he eventually came to impersonate Myself, contacting several members of My organization during My vacation with juvenile remarks and petty insults. And so Lex Talionis has been administered. First, the offender has been excommunicated and removed from any and all association with anything pertaining to Myself, including the site I was webmastering for him, Magical services, and business dealings.

The Sigil finally arrived on 6/12/XXXIX A.S., and is intended for use in The Rites of Darkness exclusively, and for any further media representation. Now The Talisman rests in the lap of the Sabbatic Baphomet statue beside The Black Altar, just as I had envisioned it, and it is a perfect fit.

Beware all you unstable, imbalanced, and delusional lower-life forms! The offender currently suffers health and mental problems now, and the suicidal degeneration is clearly evident. In retrospect, he certainly displayed many of the symptoms of the psychic vampire, and now the proverbial stake has been driven deep into his heart! Good riddance! Hail Victory! HAIL SATAN.

* Updates: 19th September, XXXIX Anno Satanas

As a side note, this s-disturber is involved with the pornography industry, and just around the time when I had cast the initial Curse; all of a sudden the industry was beset with an HIV/AIDS epidemic - three prominant performers within the genre became afflicted and were thusly banned from further participation, yet the number they had infected began to grow and grow. As a result of this expose', virtually the entire industry was shut down for a period of a few weeks, and this was his livelihood.


HIV Outbreak: Health Scare Brings Porn Industry to it's Knees
Officials Demand Condoms For Porn Actors

* Hurricanes

The same individual had claimed to have employed a so-called "palero" to counter any ill-intent I may have sent him, as his paranoia bade him to seek help from one residing in New Orleans, LA, who, according to the antagonist, has also expressed an interest in "challenging" Me for some sort of Magical bout - well, I believe he finally felt justified in this case, which of course, it is not, for he only desired to stroke his own ego as he is truly not involved or has no reason to be, so he may have entered into a 'warfare' mode in the crusadering guise of 'protecting' the rotten one, all the while deriving large sums of funds from the sacrifice's bank account. I believe he may finally endeavored to engage in an erstwhile 'battle' when all of the sacrifice's attempts to contact Me were rightfully denied for reasons explained above. And soon afterwards, these hurricanes began brewing off the coast of Florida, one after the other, in an unprecedented continuation - again, that amusing "freak weather" designation mentioned by meteorologists; well, as we know, these hurricanes cover a large area in the south-east, inclusive of New Orleans, which we also know, is a low-level city, and would be terribly affected by massive torrents, virtually placing it under water. Upon examining under-reported news and weather reports, Louisiana, among other Southern states, have also been experiencing heavy rains as of late, thus hampering any efforts at "countering" the effects of The Curse. I even received a convenient notification from the afflicted stating that "You are good - you are the best.", referring to the continual onslaught of Lex Talionis assailing him and all who would dare be against Me in any way. The Draconian Statement "Those with Me, prosper. Those against Me, suffer." proves itself redundantly, and shall indefinitely, invincibly, and omnipotently continue. In Nomine Satanas, Potentiam Inferus. SO IT IS DONE.

Note: I realize there are Satanists residing in this locale, so I did place an additional Protective element upon Our own, that none of Us would be harmed.

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UPDATE IV/XXX\XL: The completion of The Curse has come full circle, from one Walpurgisnacht to the other. Received the following message on Walpurgisnacht XL evening:
Greetings Draconis,

I Am contacting you to inform you that My friend [name] has shed this mortal coil. It is likely already known to you, but I had the thought cross My mind and a moment free to execute a note; so be it!

Hail Victory! Hail SATAN!


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