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The Dark Side...

I Am currently contemplating hosting a local public access show to be entitled "The Dark Side", which would essentially be an extension of The Shadowmantium site, which would include a monologue, discussion, interviews, field trips, multimedia reviews, and possible ceremonial comemmoration on very special occasions {Walpurgisnacht, Halloween, Baptisms, Funerals, Weddings}, which would air with KCAT {Adelphia} in LA. I aready own most of the forseeable props I would use, such as a Baphomet banner in the background, a skull on the desk, triple-pronged candebrum, perhaps an electro-plasmic orb, a framed poster of Our Founder, Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey, definitely the statue of The Sabbatic Goat, maybe The Statements on the wall - basically, an extension also of My very own Lair - and depending upon whether they provide the studio or not, I may even tape episodes from herein. I have already requested more information on their policies, so we shall see what transpires.

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