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Nox Arcana: Shadow of The Raven

Shadow of The Raven
Nox Arcana

Track Listing

1. Darkest Hour 2. Melancholia 3. Descent Into Madness 4. The House of Usher 5. Madeline's Lament 6. Haunted Memories 7. Annabel Lee 8. Legacy of Sorrow 9. The Black Cat 10. The Cask of Amontillado 11. Mysteries of the Night 12. Midnight Dreary 13. The Raven 14. Morbid Reminiscence 15. Lenore 16. A Dream Within A Dream 17. The Tell-Tale Heart 18. Murders in the Rue Morgue 19. The Pit and the Pendulum 20. Masque of the Red Death 21. Nevermore

Nox Arcana: Shadow of The RavenA superb unleashing by the minstrels of the macabre, dedicated to master of the macabre, Edgar Allen Poe. His most prominent tales are musickally portrayed herein, gloriously gloomy symphonies combined with accentuating sound effects, ghostly arias, phantom chanting, as well as narrations to spin on the vitrola in one's darkened chamber, complimenting the haunted environment herein quite well.

You can hear the wind as it howls outside the chamber door, accompanied by the ghastly squawks of the devilish raven; the swing of the pendulum's blade slowly descending upon its victim, the deep pounding of that tell-tale heart, the terrible apparition of the red death, the banshee-like wailing of the spectral black cat, and the eerily melancholy, bitter-sweet echoes of love-lorn memories resurrected...

One can picture the dimensions of Poe's mind which open from dusty leather jackets; at the bidding of the ornate portrait, these wonderfully strange orchestrations float through the room across cobwebbed library shelves, opening musty yellowed pages like misty fingers aglow in the darkness, turning the pages from one horror-laden mystery to another...

The elegantly decorated booklet displays Vargo's sublime Gothic artistry, visually enhancing the morbid legacy of Poe's tenebrous imagination. A sublime listen and contemplation overall.

Tags: malefick musick

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