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The Satanic Scriptures {review}

The Satanic Scriptures

by Peter H. Gilmore

The Satanic Scriptures by Magus Peter H. Gilmore
Written in a style reminscient of a symphony of words resonating with notes in our own minds, this landmark tome includes all those essays printed in The Black Flame which I have had the pleasure to follow all these years, and to have it all in this concise tome is a wonderful compendium to treasure.

I was fortunate to receive The Slipcase edition lavishly embossed with The Baphomet on the front, and the brimstone symbol on the back, emblazoned in silver, glistening majestically in the candlelight, as a veritable Luciferian beacon of undefiled wisdom in the darkness. Being a bibliophile, I also had to possess the hardback version which rests comfortably in My Library, both od which are destined to become heirlooms in The Blackthorne Lair. And so it shall be for the forthcoming paperback version as well, to be released for this October of XLII A.S. by Scapegoat Publishing.

Graciously attached to the spine is no less than a black silken ribbon to act as bookmark, that one may not miss a single paragraph of valuable gnosis herein.

Subject matter covers everything from Satanic Aesthetics, music, personality types, to the fascism question, eugenics, a tribute to Dr. LaVey, time travel, to never-before released potent rituals only previously privy to Church of Satan Hierarchy of passion, compassion, and potency, including The Satanic Wedding Rite, the Funeral rite, and The powerful Rite of Ragnarok; plus so much more.

The book cover itself features Magus Gilmore's rendition of The Sabbatic Baphomet of Mendes, seated imperiously in the vastness of space, serving as a worthy frame to exhault this archetypal daemonic deity representative of carnal joy and might. Marvelously detailed and invoking the element of strength and Lust, the portrait will no doubt find itself within many a diabolical Inner Sanctum. On the back of the cover itself is a classic photograph of Magus Gilmore himself, the black flame burning from behind that noble gaze.

Now accompanying The Satanic Bible by Our Founder, The Satanic Scriptures easily takes its place besides Dr. LaVey's literary masterpieces, complimenting them quite well. The Satanic Scriptures is optimum in both quality of content and materials used, which could be no less to preserve the wisdom of the High Priest.

Tags: bibliography, books, infernal empire, magus gilmore, satan's scroll

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