Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Devil Goes to the bank...

The Black Earth

Went to the bank today, and as is typical not only here, but in a majority of other public locations, one could really feel the nervous energy coming from the patrons therein. Not to say that I did anything purposeful to cause this, of course, considering this venture just a normal course of affairs, although the presence of a Satanist amongst the herd frequently causes a feeling of stratification. Dressed casually in black with a relaxed demeanor, the aesthetics seem to strip them bare of their usual pretentious through apparent fear. Wearing sunglasses, I frequently get a chance to observe the herd in a bit more of a natural state, when they cannot perceive where My eyes are focused.

The man in the next line over sneaking a glance at My Sabbatic Baphomet pendant, quickly turning away when I turn My head in his direction. The typical 'blowfish' body language exhibited by some brute trying to fight off feelings of intimidation. The security guard staring in My direction, not to mention the tellers nervously fumbling around in their business. On the plus side, presumably in an effort to get the line moving faster and essentially attending Me so I can leave faster, windows suddenly opening to hasten departure, which I was wishing for anyway.

I suppose the nervousness stemmed from not only the overall presence, but also perhaps a sublimated fear of a robbery. Ironically, if there was at any time anyone actually intending to rob the place, the chances are greatly decreased. This has always been the case, even before the pre-occupation of "terrorism" nowadays.

I merely concluded My business, and left without "incident". Although apparently relieved, the security guard actually opened the door wide for Me like a doorman, as I went forth to attend to certain responsibilities and indulgent acquisition. ∞

Tags: aesthetics, lesser magic, misanthropy, psychology, the black earth

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