DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Animal Asylum

The Animal Asylum

"Satan represents man as just another animal, sometimes better, but more often worse than those who walk on all-fours, who because of his "divine spiritual and intellectual development", has become the most vicious animal of all!" - 7th Satanic Statement, The Satanic Bible; Anton Szandor LaVey.

Being that I have always had an affinity for the animal kingdom, much more so than for most humanimals, from pets, familiars, to watching documentaries, I once took a course on animal welfare right after high school, and as a result, landed a job with the city at the animal shelter rescuing various creatures and preparing them for adoption. Inspecting their fur, skin, paws, eyes, ears, and tongues for any trace of disease, malformation, or mutilation and sending them to be cleaned up, processed with proper documentation, and settled into their respective gated areas for adoption. Hopefully, they were adopted within a couple week's time, otherwise, it was off to the rear area beyond a door topped with a golden cross, which was essentially the death chamber, the "point of no return".

The 'dark side' of this job was left to the executioners who had to euthenize animals which were either beyond recuperation, were violent cases who may have mauled someone, or lapsed beyond their adoptability. It was a sordid dirty duty. These poor creatures were placed upon a cold metal slab and injected with a substance known as "lethal plus", a blue solution which worked quickly though their veins, on a couple of occasions actually turning their eyes a bluish hue. They would just drift into unconsciousness until rendered still, and depending upon the size of the creature, the small ones were unceremoniously slid into a crate where the bodies of their predecessors were piled, until picked up by the truck, and taken to their final resting place, which was probably incineration. The larger ones were euthenized via a syringe on the end of a stick, left to die, and kept in their cages until picked up by the same "death wagon".

I'll never forget the dog who after being injected with the blue death, incrementally went to sleep, and as if dreaming, paddled his feet like he was running free again...

Such pitiful spectacles were a regular occurrence, which eventually became too much to stomach. The gazes of these creatures looking up into one's eyes, as if communicating a plea for mercy, which was not in one's capacity to administer, due to official orders. Apart from the mercyful euthenasia, animals who bite humanimals is most often due to fear and self-defense, and are otherwise following their natures, and certainly do not deserve execution, in My opinion. As to the others, they could not all be adopted, and so meet the fate of eternal sleep.

Besides, it was also protocol to euthenize kittens and puppies who were still of weening age, whose mother had perished, figuring they would die anyway of malnutrition, yet the inspections for these observations were too frequently cursory, as if to rush these bodies through a mill, which I took umbrage with whenever I could. I actually 'saved' several litters of kittens from the blue death by insisting that they would take to formula, and they always did.

Upon one October, at a time of the year when black cats are not to be placed for adoption, as a preventative measure against feline-sacrificing devil-worshippers and jokers alike, also considering that many times black cats are used as Halloween props until abandoned in November, a litter of black kittens entered the center whose matron had perished, and were sentenced to veritable death, which I would not have; so I actually took to concealing them in My jacket, and upon closing time, made My way home with them nestled therein, where they became happy and healthy residents of The Noctuary, and a couple of them familiars.

So I left in disgust, knowing that there is a system for population control, yet these spectacles of animal misery and the processing routine were grossly under-developed, and even barbaric. Such an experience did provide an enhanced perspective of appreciation for My own precious animal allies that have come in and out of My life - My cats, My Bull Mastiff 'Abaddon', doberman "Damien", several snakes, rats, and a tarantula. Hails to you all for the black flame which enriches My own, and HAIL SATAN.

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