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{XXXV A.S. Directed by Philip Kaufman. Starring Geoffrey Rush, Kate Winslet, Michael Crawford, Joaquin Phoenix}

A highly dramatic account of The Divine Marquis, taking artistic license and an unconventional approach to whom I would consider a de-facto Satanist of his day.

Ever the insatiable writer with a fertile, and many would consider "perverted" imagination, yet the true 'perversion' would be to stunt the creative process with perfidious and sanctimonious limitations, as the man was only remaining true to himself, honest with his nature, and allowed himself to evolve no matter the cost, even at the price of his own freedom and suffering at the pangs of discomfort and censure. Yet this daemonic tenacity was most inspiring, expressing his craft using what he will to satiate, even if only for a small time, the incessant desire to create. And this is demonstrated very poignantly by the character of DeSade when imprisoned - even from his prison cell encased within an asylum for the criminally-insane, primarily and ironically for his writing, where he continued to produce work; and with the help of the wash girl, whom he had of course copulated with, her mind was so enraptured by his passionate words, she delivered his titillating tales to be published until, his what could be equated to a "probation officer", as it were, a priest who is at obvious odds with himself, as his mind often wanders into realms of carnal consideration; discovers the Marquis' forbidden literature is somehow still seeing print. So he orders DeSade's pen and paper taken away, to which he continues to publish nonetheless. It turns out that he had actually been using red wine with a chicken bone upon a blanket to write, along with the help of the laundry girl continues to ingeniously produce.

The next remarkable instance was that after the priest discovers this ploy, the Marquis actually uses his own blood as ink, and his inner shirt as paper, and again sends it out to be published. Finally, this too is discovered, and so he is condemned to remain in the cold, desolate stone cell naked. Yet not even this prevents DeSade, for what should transpire next, but an olfactory literation comprised of feces on the walls, to the utter horror of the clergy man. Ideas spawned in the third dimension brought into the fourth, in whatever manner possible. The voice of genius cannot be silenced, even when all else is taken away. When the priest comes to inspect DeSade, the sight as well as an infernal dissertation by DeSade exposing the priest's inner-most being and repressed psyche summarily drives him insane. DeSade is eventually released, but the priest takes his place within the fetid halls of the asylum, seemingly possessed by DeSade's words which now reverberate in his mind ceaselessly. The impression was as if DeSade's scathing, flaming tongue of undefiled wisdom implanted a demon seed into the priest's brain, and alas, it seems his sheltered and self-righteous, limited comprehension could not process it, and so, madness took effect. But instead of living life to the fullest with this new-found knowledge, he condemns himself to another mental and literal cage bourne of perfidy, much less organized.

In conclusion, for all of the oppression DeSade endured, his body was imprisoned from time to time, but his mind was not. How many artists, musicians, writers, ectetera, would do the same if forced into a similar situation?

Quills is a recommended film for its aesthetic beauty as well as for its penchant to inspire contemplation on all levels of being - physically, mentally, emotionally, and even sexually. In this case, DeSade acted as an iconoclastic libertine to move man's fleshly awareness forward, and was a predecessor to much of the erotic novellas to this day.

To his credit, DeSade also inspired the term "Sadism", the practice of BDSM, and the dynamic of Sub/dom fetish play - but that is certainly not all his work inspired, although his antagonists seemed to have focused excessively thereof - he indeed helped to facilitate, mold, and contribute to the evilution of erotica as we know it today.

DeSade was truly before his time - and now, his opuses may be experienced and perhaps ideas shared by his readers, while his oppressors have passed away into forgetfulness. His infamy preceded him, and his scandalous reputation helped him earn a place in history and thus, bestowed immortality.

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