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King Diamond: Give Me Your Soul... please.

The 7th Day of July, 1777
King Diamond
Give Me Your Soul... Please
{XLII A.S. King Diamond: Vocals / Andy La Roque: Guitars / Mike Wead: Guitars / Hal Patino: Bass / Matt Thompson: Drums / Livia Zita: Additional Vocals / Jodi Zachia: Actress}

1. Dead 2. Never Ending Hill 3. Is Anybody Here? 4. Black of Night 5. Mirror Mirror 6. Cellar 7. Pictures in Red 8. Give Me Your Soul 9. Floating Head 10. Cold as Ice 11. Shapes of Black 12. Girl in the Bloody Dress 13. Moving On

Another splendid musical horror novel from King Diamond, the little girl in the bloody dress comes through the mirror, uncertain about her state of being... the introductory song "Dead" is laden with mood-setting organ, haunting voices explaining the basics of the disturbing plot, dealing with a little brother and sister who were murdered by their father, but are scheduled for different destinations "after death" - it is up to her to save him from Hell, after being accused by "the powers that be" of suicide. She reveals the true circumstances of their demise - to set the terms "right" so they may 'rest in peace' together, presumably in "Heaven", although 'demons' pine for both their 'souls' in this supernatural adventure / thriller concept album.

The album features the spectral voice of Livia Zita, whom you may recognize from 'The Puppet Master' as well, adding an enchanting compliment to the music as well as storyline. Besides the intricate Metal instrumentation, cellos and the harpsichord are included, adding an eerie feel to the brilliant orchestration.

Of particular note, My personal favorites herein are "Dead" {the 'gothic' horror instrumental}, "Give Me Your Soul" {really displays the talent and skill of the band}, "Shapes of Black" {great beat and harmony; one can actually relate to these occurrences, environment, and denizens}, "Cold As Ice" {the cold temperature in the dark room even in remmus}, "Girl In The Bloody Dress" {the rhythms and correlations of voices}, and "Moving On" {the hypnotically-melancholy quality and voice combinations} .

The aesthetics are predictably wonderfully ornate, of course featuring the band, and one Magic, King's black cat familiar, perceiving the ghost as familiars are said to sense. It was also gratifying to see the band dressed in black robes within, each signalling the Cornu, adding a most evocatively mystical impression. King promises a Hell of a show to accompany this chapter as well, repleat with horror psychodrama.

Overall, Give Me Your Soul... Please is definitely one of King's best.

Rating: 5/5.

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