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Hell's Bells

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Hell's Bells: The Dangers of Rock 'N' Roll
{XXIV A.S. Directed by Eric Holmberg. Genre: Religious Documentary/'shockumentary'/fiction}

Sensationalistic propaganda preying upon the fears of the herd, exagerrating, leading, paranoid and presumptuous, though to those who know better, it can be rather amusing for its cultural misanthropological recollection with a wisened retrospective.

Just another manipulative presentation profiting from the Satanic Panic fiction. Features shilgne 'backmasking', taking Satanic literature out of context, and irrelevant cross-referencing.

From the terrible attempts at goofy humor, the bad acting, to the unintentionally funny dialogue {the fact that the mulletted host retains his composure is also amusing}, attempts at attaching serious 'meaning' to lyrics, and substandard sets, Hell's Bells displays the level of ignorance typical with fundamentalist mentality, so if this actually served to supplement their flocks, then good riddance, it has served as a stratifier.

To avoid the typically bad christian music and the proslytizing, skip 17 1/2 & 18.

As a side note, a series of most interesting anomeles occurred while writing the review and posting this:

The floor began to discernably tremble for a steady expanse of about ten minutes. Not a temporary tremble such as when a heavy object or a truck lumbers by, but a constant and sustained vibration.

When I went outdoors shortly thereafter, several of the local dogs began to howl as the winds increased exponentially, at one point yielding such a potent gust so as to set My own 'hellhound' to take notice and dart across the back yard.

Perhaps the bemused contemplation of this presentation caused a rift in the 'time-space continuum' as the recollection of that cultural atmosphere was recalled by a powerful mind, effecting the environment, coupled with the subconcious projection of the mythology, thus stimulating a subtle dimensional reaction...

Tags: comedy, devil worship, documentary, hysteria, loki's laughter, satanic panic, spechtreum, sra

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