Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Vangelis: Heaven & Hell

V a n g e l i s
Heaven & Hell
{X A.S. Genre: Electronic / Orchestral}

1. Heaven And Hell Part I/So Long Ago, So Clear 2. Heaven And Hell Part II.

The magical hands of the composer emerge from the whirling hellfires, touching upon the 'sin-thesizer' to entertain the infernal hordes with rippling and dancing notes, manifesting the mesmerizing Fates from the misty flames...

Bombastic soundscapes from the genius of this one-man band, sonically describing the mythological battle between 'good' and 'evil', making for a great hypothetical soundtrack. But more than that, it is repleat with glorious choral rises, militant permutations, eerie interludes, and inspirational Ur sound bliss cascades upon the senses like a sonic waterfall, both placid and torrential.

In the last six minutes of "Heaven And Hell Part I", one can perceive the faint origins of "Chariots of Fire" right before gracefully floating into the melancholy "So Long Ago, So Clear", sung by the enchanting vocal talents of Yes' Jon Anderson, reminiscient of Bryan Ferry's style of singing, with Tangerine Dream-like orchestration. Quite moving.

'Heaven And Hell Part II' begins darkly brooding, until we are treated to a haunting aria slowly blending into a choral duet, then on to further arcane adventures of the mind...

A musical journey into the multi-dimensional subconscious where the imagination may project into the darkness, and otherwise can serve as ritual musick for victory and compassion.


Tags: malefick musick

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