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An Interview with Magus Gilmore

Interview: Peter H. Gilmore
May 16, 2007, Source

01. Let’s start out with your new book. What is it called and what is the subject matter?

The Satanic Scriptures” is a collection of essays and rituals which I’ve written over the past 20 years. Most of the essays were published in “The Black Flame” (the official magazine of the Church of Satan) and some are newly released. All have been polished for this edition. They range from social commentary of a distinctly misanthropic bent to characterizations of human types, as well as details about the inner workings and perspectives of the Church of Satan. The rituals include the Satanic Wedding and Funeral Rites, which have heretofore only been given to members of our Priesthood. Finally the Rite of Ragnarok, a militant exercise in norse-flavored exoticism, had been previously printed in the Swedish publication “The Fenris Wolf.”

When can we buy it, where can we get it? Personally, I’m looking forward to reading it.

The hardcover is now available from Scapegoat Publishing and select specialty booksellers while the paperback will be broadly released in October (Amazon.com) and should appear in major book selling chains.

02. Explain to us what you represent. What are the basic tenets of Satanism?

I represent Satanism as codified by Anton Szandor LaVey and embodied in the Church of Satan. Most succinctly, we are atheistic, skeptical epicureans who embrace Satan as a symbol of liberty, pride, and individualism. The details are in our literature.

03. How exactly did you find yourself to be a Satanist? What exactly convinced you that Satanism was the right path for you?

I read “The Satanic Bible” at age 13, at the time considering myself to be an atheist. I saw deeper aspects of myself reflected in LaVey’s words so I knew “Satanist” was a more accurate label for my nature. I’ve never come across a reason to alter that decision. I am a Satanist by Dr. LaVey’s definition, and the philosophy works quite well as a tool to get the most out of my life.

04. Anton LaVey founded the Church of Satan on April 30, 1966. He, himself, was the High Priest at that time. He unfortunately passed away in October of 1997. So the question is how did you get to become the successor of LaVey and take over his spot as High Priest?

Magistra Blanche Barton was the High Priestess at the time of LaVey’s passing, and so she became the head of the Church according to our articles of incorporation. Leading up to 2001 c.e., she felt it was magically appropriate for there to be a new High Priest, and she considered me to be the best man for the job. I was consecrated to that office on April 30 of 2001 c.e. Magistra Barton exchanged roles with my wife Magistra Peggy Nadramia a year later, so Peggy became the High Priestess and Blanche is now the chair of the Council of Nine.

05. What’s your relationship with Blanche Barton (Magistra Templi Rex of the Church of Satan) like? What is she like in real life?

We have been great friends for many years. She’s an all-around amazing lady - a deft communicator, and a woman who can blend suppleness with power to attain her goals. While Anton LaVey was alive, she was his “Girl Friday” and the most outstanding woman ever to be his mate. She has the brains and beauty to have been his ideal companion. Now she’s proven herself to be an excellent mother, raising Anton LaVey’s only son, Satan Xerxes Carnacki LaVey, into a very fine and unique young man. Blanche has a great sense of humor and completely embodies the archetype of the empowered gal of the 40s film noir along with judiciously employed contemporary sensibilities. She always wins my admiration.

06. Some may say your standings on religions is a very uneducated, stupid decision. That, one day God shall pass judgment on you and you might end up in a place, for eternity, well, in a very bad position… but you’re not a stupid man? With degrees in composition in NYU, a bachelors and masters as well as being a musician you certainly aren’t. How do you feel about those who might underestimate your logic or condemn you for your heretical beliefs?

I don’t care if the stupid can’t grasp my ideas. I don’t expect them to have that capacity. You can lead morons to facts but you can’t make them think. My choice of personal philosophy is based on my nature - and I am aware that there are people with other natures for whom Satanism would not be appropriate. I’m a carnal individual, while those types who feel the need to believe in something spiritual are driven to subjugate themselves to deities or dictators of some other form, as they cannot take control of or shoulder responsibility over their own lives. The Satanist is always his own savior, and our kind aims to keep the world secular and pluralistic so that the god-adorers can’t impinge on us. The opinions of the mini-minds count for nothing in my estimation.

07. If you could change this world in any way whatsoever what exactly would you change?

As each day goes by I find different things I might change depending upon what I’m attempting to accomplish. Being pragmatic, I don’t worry about things that I can’t change but put my efforts into making headway in ways I know are possible. I’m a “doer” not a “dreamer.”

08. Today I was browsing the official website of the Church of Satan and came across a section of the site that is offering participation with S.E.T.I. (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) through the Church. Care you elaborate on this?

Many of our members think it likely that there might be extraterrestrial civilizations that could be detected through assisting SETI. They contribute time on their computers to assist in that search and even work as a team.

09. Are you familiar with the conspiracy theory that an alien race of reptiles came to Earth long ago and genetically engineered our race to use us as slaves for digging up gold in order that the reptiles would use that gold to help their atmosphere on their mother planet?

I’ve heard that some folks believe that. Several sci-fi films have played with that idea.

How do you feel about the possibility that the world is being run by a bunch of reptiles?

I don’t see any evidence for this. I suppose that some folks who don’t have an integrated instinctual consciousness - who resist the impulses from the older, reptilian part of their brains - may have externalized this functional handicap into this “reptilian alien metaphor.”

Personally, I’ve always been attracted to reptiles, from extinct saurians to contemporary snakes and lizards - I’m quite enamored with the various crocodilians. If I’m “part of the conspiracy,” you might expect me to try to distract you from believing in it, and so you’ll have to decide for yourself whose side I’m representing as I present a toothy grin. I have written a screenplay which deals with ancient reptilian intelligence, but more cannot be said at present.

10. If Hell is real, who might you first try to contact when you arrive there?

My favorite deceased composers, particularly Gustav Mahler, so that I could find out how they would have completed the works left unfinished at the times of their deaths.

11. Question number nine is all yours. If you wish to rant about something here feel free to do so. We would highly recommend it and enjoy it if you would.

I truly detest it when people run for election in the United States (and other republics) that they must project some form of religiosity in order to convince the dim and populous herd to vote them into office. It is needed, but revolting. I consider sincere beliefs in God, Jesus, Heaven, and Hell to be signs of limited intelligence and even dysfunctional delusion. Some politicians are non-believers but must act this sham. I would deeply prefer to see open non-believers running for office who are considered for the position because of their talents for handling that office. Are they rational, hard-working, intelligent, experienced? Are they flexible thinkers who can adapt to the needs of the position and serve their constituents?

The US was founded by free thinkers who wanted religion kept out of government, and today this childish and dangerous reliance on faith and belief in the supernatural is hindering our society from advancing technologically and causing the deaths of thousands (as it has in the past). Now is the time for enough to be enough. It is the 21st Century, time for damning God and relegating such concepts which require faith to a museum of barbaric superstition.

12. Why is the trapezoid so important to members of the Church of Satan? What is it’s significance?

The trapezoid is a form in symbols, art, and in architecture that has a potency for affecting those who experience it. It is disturbing and can evoke fear or at least unease because of its inherent sense of massiveness. Anyone interested in more details should read Anton LaVey’s essay “The Law of the Trapezoid” published in his book “The Devil’s Notebook.”

13. My favorite sin is Gluttony. What is Peter Gilmore’s favorite Sin?

Pride. I simply can’t help it.

14. Out of the 9 Satanic Sins coined by Anton LaVey which one of those irritate you the most?

Stupidity. In New York City I must unfortunately interact with so many stupendously moronic people. They waste my precious time.

15. If you have children or plan to have children what plans do you have to install fundamentals into them? What priorities as far as morals and behavior do you wish your children to have?

I am not interested in having children. My own creations will serve to remind those interested of me when I’m gone, and my dog Contessa Bella Lugosi, a beautiful black Chow, is a perfect canine-child for my wife and I.

When I consider the children of people around me, I encourage them to raise their offspring to question things and to employ reason to test everything to the best extent possible, being skeptical, and willing to learn as more data becomes available. Ethically I would encourage them to treat others as they wish to be treated themselves - with earned respect - but to not flinch from returning what is actually given to them.

16. Let’s talk about artificial companions. Please tell the readers what this is exactly… and how likely do you see this as becoming a reality in our lifetime. After all, there already is such a thing as a Real Doll that you can purchase online as well as virtual tours of hotels from hotels.com and lastly videogames are becoming more virtual everyday. How long might it take to see such development of this idea as in what we saw in the movie Westworld and recently I, Robot? And how much am I going to have to shell out to buy into the new generation of robot companions?

Artificial Human Companions are humanoid forms which can be as basic as the inanimate but relatively detailed Real Doll up to functional humanoid robots that pioneers continue to develop. The basic point is to create a personality embodied in human form that has no feelings and which can be owned and treated as needed to satisfy the lustful or anger-inspired needs of the common folk. Many people can only raise themselves up by denigrating others, and so to save undeserving actual people from having to put up with such behavior, an AHC can satisfy these needs. Virtual reality in its several forms is becoming more sophisticated, and so that may be a key for more passive folk who prefer to passively use only visual stimuli. The more selective may have to await the creation of actual “holo-deck” technologies which engage all the senses in a detailed simulated reality.

Naturally such things will be quite costly at first, as are all breakthrough technologies. However, as the benefits for pacifying the masses are grasped by governments, such things will be subsidized and offered up to the general populace at reasonable costs.

17. What’s your current view on the War on Terrorism and even earlier with what happened on 911?

Terrorism is a tactic, not an enemy, so this marketing phrase for the actual war against fundamentalist Islamic aggressors is just meant to obscure what is being undertaken. We are at a crossroad wherein human society must either restrict (or abandon) religions which insist on their truth and their duty to convert non-believers or ultimately be conquered by a fundamentalist religion which will dominate the globe. These religions detest the secularism embodied and “evangelized” by Western culture and that is the basis for the current conflict - aside from economic reasons which also fuel the situation.

I am for a worldwide secular and pluralistic society in which people are allowed their beliefs so long as they don’t attempt to enforce religious dogma or morality upon others either through force or legislated social regulations. To reach that, the “mad dogs” of fundamentalist religions must be either rendered impotent, imprisoned, or destroyed for the safety of all rational people, regardless of where they live.

18. Back to your love of music. I understand you contributed some music under the composer role in the second and third installments of ‘Death Scenes’ back in 1992 and 1993 (according to the information given by imdb.com? What sort of music do you make?

My music is in the second and third installments of the “Death Scenes” series and I’d describe it as orchestral music that is bombastic, expressive, and I trust stimulating. I write it, perform it, and record it using synthesizers. Much of it has been released on the CD “Threnody for Humanity” released by Adversary which is a subsidiary of Reptilian Records.

19. So you formed the very first satanic magazine back in 1989. The Black Flame. Is the Black Flame still under creation/distribution? How can we actually buy an issue of this magazine?

Right now we are gathering materials for the next phase of “The Black Flame” which will be a book format and will include new essays as well as beginning a retrospective of pieces of interest published from the earliest issues which have not been collected elsewhere. Visit this url for details as to which issues are currently available (http://www.churchofsatan.com/Pages/TBF.html)

20. Now the Church of Satan might be the first satanic church but there are other organization that claim to be satanic in origin also. What are your feelings on other churches such as the Temple of Set and the First Church of Satan? Are they just copy-cats? Or do some of these organizations show a unique spin off of the original philosophy of Satanism LaVey created?

Most groups claiming to be organized and Satanic are neither, having no actual philosophy of note, or even if they have made efforts it is not something that we’d label as being Satanic in any way. Bastardizations of the integrated and rational philosophy of Satanism are useless garbage, fit only for fools and mystics. These clowns are not worth any attention. The Temple of Set does have a consistent philosophy, however it is theistic and seeks to embrace something they define as being non-natural, which is quite the antithesis of Satanism. See these essays for lengthy discussions of this subject: Pretenders to the Throne and A Map for the Misdirected

21. Well, this is the last question. Thank you for your time and energy. Sinfully Delicious greatly appreciates your willingness and participation. But! Anything you’d like to add to this interview? Or shall we end here?

I task all Satanic individuals - and those fellow travelers who might not have come ’round to embracing the archetype of Satan for all its liberating qualities - to utilize your sense of discrimination with vigor, as the challenge of today is to sort through the mass of information being presented online and in the other media without any evidence to give proof to its validity. Question all things, for there are many who are simply offering falsehoods without being taken to the task. That is your greatest challenge - to sort what has some level of truth and accuracy from that which is just plain bullshit. Don’t let the stench of the latter prevent you from finding the rare gems which might be worth your effort. So it is done!

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