Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

On the use of holograms for entertainment and military applications...


On the use of holograms for entertainment and military applications...

Being Satanists, we generally prefer non-interaction with the herd, or as little as possible, with only selfish desires gained by them as a condition. Of course, to favored bands one may wish to experience the concert environment - a live performance is such a unique experience, although this would offer another wonderful option whenever one desires it as well:

Imagine a holograph machine one could deposit in the middle of the room or even upon a makeshift stage wherein one's favorite band, and/or characters may visually manifest to perform one's favorite tunes or routines. Somewhat like an I-Tunes visualizer wherein the image may girate according to the rhythms of the music. Could be any image at all, for that matter. Whatever is programmed into the device, merely modifying the kinematics according to the sound produced. The holographic machine could either react to the music played in the room, and/or produce its own surround-sound dynamic.*

I have a "stormball" {an electro-static replicator founded on the ideas of Tesla} which can be set to react to environmental sounds, as well as a 6' tall animatronic character who dances to the tune played either through its original system, or an I-Pod can even be attached to it, wherein he veritably "dances" to whatever one passes through it. Combine the two, and one may perceive the same basic idea.

CD's and DVD's may become equipped with such an option, as CD's frequently are accompanied with a DVD currently; and/or perhaps a seperate "HVD" {Holographic Video Disc} may be purchasable for "HVP's", or "Holographic Video Players", even with an option to view these performances via a panoramic three-dimensional visor, complete with headphones, if so desired.

Military possibilities may also be considered. Projecting holograms via a mobile unit in the field, and/or sattelite projections to a receiving unit, for misdirection and intimidating impressions. Perhaps a holograph pod on the road, on a mountain, even projected onto the sky, perhaps taking advantage of blindlight religious delusions via icons, a holographic projector accompanying drone crafts, etc.

The probabilities are truly expansive, from fetish play, to games, travel, even to various evocations and personally-experiential recollections. From practical to recreational implementations.

* Consider the scene from Star Wars wherein Han Solo and Chewbacca were playing chess, and the resultant holograph of Leia being discovered.

Tags: technology, technomancy

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