Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Celluloid Pedestals

Celluloid Pedestals

I have never understood the obsession with "actors" and so-called "celebrities" those of a "groupie" mentality seem to have. It is realized that television is the new religion of the masses, and the interweb to a lesser extent, as it all depends upon how it is used {i.e., "are you the spider or the fly?"}. One would think that the actual character they are portraying would be far more interesting than the mere show puppet portraying them, with very few exceptions, of course. When that IS the rare case, it is most refreshing.

Yet the herd persist in placing "celebrities" upon celluloid pedestals, as veritable erstwhile pseudo-royalty. Some may have moderate value as talented assimilates, while others have no apparent reason to even be.

More often than not, if one is truly interested in a character being portrayed, then it would naturally incline one to submerge oneself in their life, by studying their lives, adventures, writing, art, etc. Then, if one is so inclined, perhaps integrating certain desirable qualities of that passion into one's own persona with individual merit, so as to not be a clone, pretending to be something you are not, nor have the reality of being. To attempt to do so would amount to nothing more than wearing a costume, a mere imitation of the original source - apart from the fun-fear of Halloween festivity, that is. For the superior man, this perspective is already realized.

Great respect and adulation can be held for those who are worthy of one's respect, as they have made their mark and paved the way for one of similar pursuits. A true peer whose opinions and observations are of value to oneself.

Movies and cinematic characterizations may be amusing for what they are, and realized as mere entertainment, so have fun, but always retain perspective. It behooves one to develop and evolve one's own identity to the furthest degree, utilizing one's own creativity and ingenuity, making one's own name in the world, not riding someone else's coat-tails, but retaining mutual respect. ∞

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