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B e a n
{XXXII A.S. Directed by Mel Smith. Starring Rowan Atkinson, Peter MacNicol, John Mills}

With the dubious help of his colleagues, Mr. Bean is off to America under the guise of being an Art Ph. D., to preside over an art exhibition featuring Whistler's Mother, meeting with gallery caretaker David Langley, with whom he is to stay for a couple of weeks until the unveiling. Unbeknownst to his american acquaintances, Mr. Bean is actually only a caretaker. When asked what he does exactly, he accurately states,

"I sit in the corner, and look at pictures."

He becomes acquainted with his family - a young boy who thinks he's "cool", a teenage girl whose entire perpsective deals with dating, judging Mr. Bean on some sort of 1-10 stud level, the wife who despises him, comparing him to a martian, with only Langley willing to grant him the benefit of the doubt, which does actually turn out to be quite a mistake, as the painting is ruined by a sneeze - poor Mr. Bean tries to clean it up, but sadly, every effort is met with worsening consquences. To rectify the situation, "Ninja Bean" actually initiates a solution wherein he replaces the portrait with a poster, adding some eggs, bubblegum, and nail polish for substance. Well, it seems that he actually does a pretty good job surmising the overall impression of Whistler's Mother during his 'analysis' {really, the most Mr. Bean has ever spoken}. Also amusing is the manner in which he distracts the security guard on night watch.

Mr. Bean takes in Hollywood and sections of surrounding L.A., from cruising down Hollywood Boulevard to enjoying the attractions at the Santa Monica pier, as the quintessential tourist, learning some very interesting gesticulations along the way.

He finally returns to his British home, snuggles with Teddy, and admires the prize of his trip, featuring a hilarious drawing of his own character of where Whistler's Mother's face should be.

I feel Rowan Atkinson did a marvellous performance as the cinematic Bean, bringing the character to wonderful life for the big screen. A delightful addition to the series quite well done.

For those unfamiliar, Mr. Bean is a quietly awkward well-dressed British jester somewhat resembling a Pee Wee Herman, who manages to communicate through various sounds and hand-gestures. Mainly a slapstick character, he manages to find himself in exagerrated and oft-times dangerous predicaments wherein unexpected fortuitousness always manages to occur, what I sometimes refer to as "the luck of the gump".

I have long-since been a fantom of Rowan Atkinson's comedy, from Mr. Bean to various skits, and Black Adder. For the first-time viewer, 'The Whole Bean' is highly recommended for all the misadventures of Mr. Bean.


Tags: comedy, spechtreum

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