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B e w i t c h e d
{XL A.S. Directed by Nora Ephron. Starring Nicole Kidman, Will Ferrell, Michael Caine, Shirley MacLaine}

BewitchedThis film has nothing to do with replicating the characters in a conventional sense, but instead deals with two actors who fall in love who are portraying the legendary personages, although she happens to be an actual witch, surrounded with family who are also witches, perhaps an attempt at displaying more of a pseudo-realistic scenario.

Jack Wyatt discovers his girlfriend Isabel is a witch, and with the help of Uncle Arthur, deals with his own fears until accepting her for who she really is.


Samantha/Isabel Bigelow: Nicole Kidman presents a pretty good portrayal with this light-hearted witch with the twitch.

Jack Wyatt/Darren: An unimpressive performance by Will Ferrell - he portrays a "mortal" quite well, but he is certainly no Derwood.

Iris Smythson/Endora {Shirley MacLaine}: Minimal interaction, and remains more or less an extraneous character, instead of the usual meddling mother-in-law, whose efforts seem to be more concentrated on preserving her relationship with Maurice rather than intruding on Samantha's.

Nigel Bigelow: Although not named as such, this seems to be an attempt at presenting the presence of "Maurice", the powerful Warlock from the series, but falls rather flat. An unfortunate depiction, considering the plentiful talents of "Equalizer" Michael Caine.

Uncle Arthur: Not too bad of a portrayal by Steve Carell, although not quite as naturally done, and seems a bit put-on. Then again, Paul Lynde was certainly an original.

Note: There is no representation of Larry Tate!

It has its moments in presenting a romantic love story between a Witch and a 'mortal', as much as that can possibly be, that is. So long as one does not view this film as a replication or substitute of the original, but instead as an affectation of the series.

For a fantom of this series, I was quite dissappointed, and is testament to the superiority of the original. Unfortunately, the movie is weak, seemed rushed, and does not do the series justice. Instead, it is recommended to purchase the original series on DVD.

Rating: 2/5.

Tags: spechtreum

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