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Horror house draws big crowds in Mumbai

Horror house draws big crowds in Mumbai

MUMBAI: A horror show re-enacting the hanging of deposed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein is drawing huge crowds in Mumbai.

The House of Horrors (HOH), which is located at the Prime Mall in Irla at Vile Parle, is modelled on Halloween horror that is seen in the famous Madame Tussauds in England, the Disneyland in the US or Sentosa Island in Singapore.

Promoted by Satish Reddy, a journalist-turned-businessman and Tanaz Irani, a gynaecologist, the horror show was launched Saturday night.

The House of Horrors that sprawls over 1,800 sq ft could be your scariest nightmare priced at Rs 200 for a 15-20 minute walk in darkness through the uneven pathway with screaming and screeching witches, the unexpected encounters with the awakened Satan and the shiver runs down your spine.

Speaking of this new venture, Reddy said: "It's a very novel and adventurous concept. It's a $30 billion industry abroad and still remains untapped and dormant in India. Horror has always been an ingredient for films and television but this will give people a living experience."

He said that it took them four months to set up the venture, though it is not as big as the ones found abroad due to space constraints in Mumbai. The horror element is also balanced as it caters to visitors of 12-60 years age group.

"We are also looking forward to opening three more HOHs in Mumbai," Reddy informed.

This imported technology went through a litmus test in Pune, which got its first HOH a year ago at Adlabs Mariplex Mall and has generated tremendous response.

Meant for all age groups, it's a must-see for all with the grit to face the skulls and ghostly shadows specially designed to scare the wits out of you. This horrifying concept of the West has been Indianised with the ghosts of Indian features.

"We have tried to create the best at an affordable price, whereas abroad the same could cost you anything between Rs 600 to Rs 5,000, added Irani, the director of House of Horrors.

"Entry is restricted and children would require parental assistance or consent to go in. Pregnant women, patients with heart disease and high blood pressure are not allowed to enter. We also have a CCTV to monitor what is going on inside and recording facility of every walkthrough for security and contingency purposes," he added.

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