DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Extra L.A. Alternative magazines for sale!

L.A. Alternative
Vol. 5, No. 26, May 26 - June 01, 2006

While organizing materials, I found these four extra copies, and have decided to offer these to those who wish to possess this magazine from the 6/6/6 events.

Featured article: "Satan Goes To Hollywood" on The Satanic High Mass by Evan George. Photos by Thomas Hargis.

Blurb: "As 6/6/06 draws near, so does the first ever international convergence of Satanists, the brainchild of Satanic priests / PTA parents Bryan Moore and Heather Saenz."

* Condition: New/Excellent. All text and images are crisp and clearly legible.
* Price: $20.00 each. First come, first served.
* Copies available: Three.
* Payment Method/s: Cash, Check, or Money Order.
* Contact: WarlockBlackthorne@yahoo.com for additional ordering information.

Tags: 666


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