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Human skull found boiling in pot in Chicago apartment but it's OK: cops

Human skull found boiling in pot in Chicago apartment but it's OK: cops
Thu May 3, 12:48 AM

CHICAGO (AP) - Four human skulls were discovered in a Chicago man's apartment, one boiling in a pot of water, but authorities said charges aren't likely.

"It doesn't seem to be anything nefarious at this time," police Lt. Perry Nigro said. The 26-year-old owner of the skulls makes anatomical models for a living and appeared to be using them for medical purposes, Nigro said. "As weird as it is, it doesn't seem like anything is wrong," Nigro said.

Police searched the apartment after someone who wanted to buy a mannequin in the home visited late Tuesday and saw the skulls on a porch and inside, with one boiling on the stove.

The man left and called police, Nigro said.

The skulls were turned over to the Cook County medical examiner's office, Nigro said.

The skulls' owner told authorities he imported them legally from China.

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