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Blessed Death

While upon an outing into the evening blissful, I entered the grocery store with LB and noticed a peculiar stand in the corner of one of the aisles, proferring all sorts of Hoodoo Magic Spells, including various spraycans allegedly containing holy water {useful for Curses or bathroom freshener}, love spray {no pheromone mention in the ingredients}, rose water, petchouli {rancid cat stink}, and several other absurd concoctions to lure in the desperate and gullible sucker. But of particular note, I found a candle entitled "Santisima Muerte", or "Blessed Death", available in three primary colors - black, red, and white. Immediately, I began contemplating the Magical possibilities - the most pertinent would be as an ideal Cursing candle, with the other two more as novelity items as curios about The House. It is also most appropriate, because from a Satanic perspective, a Grim Reaper attired in white clothing would represent the spiritual realm and conducive of emptiness and abstinence - ergo, the designation of the right-hand position on The Altar.

I recently performed a Curse upon a couple of wastrels and used a crucifix {or "Cursifix"} to condemn them unto damnnation and destruction, and the feeling was intense, like reciting their last rites or funerary eulogy - complete finality. Those symbols of the blindlight represent death to us, hypocrisy, delusion, stupidity, mediocrity, all within the patronage of the RHP various icons. After all, is it any coincidence that there are more churches in ghettos, 3rd-world countries, misery spots on the earth? Places where dregs reside who are being kept alive by the unnaturally impeding hands of these 'humanitarian' clusters, protecting the inept from their own stupidity, etcetera., misanthropic tyrade complete.


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