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King Kukulele & The Friki Tikis

King Kukulele & The Friki Tikis

It has come to My attention that King Kukulele has finally released a CD of his comedic hula lounge music, entitled King Kukulele & The Friky Tikis {sic}, which I think would be of interest to Satanists who appreciate Polynesian culture. For those unfamiliar, following is a review I wrote of a performance:

The Black Earth review {Circa XXXV A.S.}:

King Kukulele at The Hub Cafe, Fullerton, CA

When one thinks of Hawaii, one thinks of kukeleles, swaying palmtrees, pretty girls in grass skirts, tribal tiki masks and fire dances come to mind - overall, a very graceful reparte'. But would one expect to see the likes of King Kukulele, a jester par-excellance, tourist gone insane, Sultan of Silliness, using the Hawiian theme to underscore his act, clad in shorts and a silly crown reminiscent of Jughead from The Archie's, he takes to the stage in a cavalcade of ridiculous improvised rants mostly at the expense of audience members, and in a Weird-Al-esque manner, sarcastically ventures from song to song with his trademark ukelele style. Memorable numbers include "Rabbi Ninja" {with poison-tipped stars of david}, a cover of "I'm My Own Grandpa", "You're my B.I.T.C.H." {B=Beautiful, I=Incredible, T=Terrific, C=Caring, H=Heavenly...You're my Bitch!"...}, "Moustache Rides, 25 cents", among many others. During one memorable cantible, a hula girl actually accompanied him, which in this reviewer's opinion, is a marvellous addition. Members of the audience familiar with the act kept admonishing him to "punch your butt!", which at this performance he did little of, but it is quite a humorous 'stunt' after all, as is his patented "most dangerous trick in the world", which involves screaming with hands raised in a "karate chop" manner, then bringing them down "dangerously" close to his crotch area with another scream. Another amusing stunt deals with the ukelele itself - beware, lest it fly through the air at some poor unsuspecting boob, but take heart, for it is attached to an elastic which brings it right back into his arms. He departs as suddently as he embarks, this time, with an odor comparable to stale limburger acquired as if from the Johnson Smith catalogue {"Poo-Poo Spray"}. This way out the street for mine!

He is actually also endeavoring to create his own total environment he calls LeMoyne Lanai, a Tropical paradise slowly evolving into his specification - and that is quite Satanic, as we know.

This performance occurs at The Hub Cafe' in Fullerton, CA, where he can be seen every other Wednesday. So pull up a chair, sip your coffee or Mai-Tai {for he is on sometimes for 2 hours}, partake of your choice pastry or puu-puu platter {depending upon where you are}, and be prepared for this veritable "hulacaust"...

* Note: The Hub Cafe' has since closed, but he still performs from time to time at various venues both nationally and internationally.

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