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The Glamorous Life of Sachiko Hanai


The Glamorous Life of Sachiko Hanai
2007 c.e. Palm Pictures. A Film by Mitsuru Meiki. Starring Hotaru Yukijiro, Matsui Tetsoaki, Hayami Kyoko

The Glamorous Life of Sachiko HanaiAfter exhaustively stumbling into a restaurant from a recent "job", a cute little Asian prostitute is shot in head during an altercation therein, lodging a bullet in her brain, stimulating super-genius comprehension, akin to Homer Simpson's up-the-nose crayon which normalizes him. The killer becomes aware of her identity and residence by acquiring her cellphone which was dropped during the scuffle. Turns out she accidentally made away with an object sought by the secret-spy-assassin. Tired of waiting for her at her apartment, he finally sets out to find her after imbibing her mother's gracious meal.

This imbedded object also yields hallucinations and uncontrollable arousal which manifests spontaneously. The hallucinations contain political satyr on American President George Bush, whose cloned finger adorned with an American flag emerges from a lipstick container to molest Sashiko as well as drive the bullet back into place to preserve her under control, where she travels from place to place as a veritable zombie, seducing a professor and his son, a random businessman, and is even taken by a police officer while in a hypnogogic state.

Comparisons can be made with the Bush finger representing western-originated morality being imposed upon international cultures, via media programming and military infiltration.

The erotica is in the so-called "pink" sinemærotica presentation, wherein genitalia is not actually shown, although the situations are quite stimulating nonetheless, with copious quotes from Noam Chomsky and discussion on quantum physics during intercourse!

She eventually realizes that she has the ability to destroy the world via a transmitter-box with the capability to launch nuclear missiles across the face of the earth, thus initiating World War Three. But wouldn't you know it, at the very last moment, while ambling upon the beach right after a cave massacre, the bullet falls right out her head, whereupon she resumes a vapid mentality, apparently forgetting all which transpired...

The Glamorous Life of Sashiko Hanai is a sinemærotic thriller, asserting artistic political commentary with a subtle James Bond twist. Although I do not agree with all of the political and philosophical sentiments expressed in this film, the mental and erotic stimulation is a remarkable combination well done herein. The imagination and writing placed into this presentation is commendable, and could very well mark an evolution in the Sinemærotic genre. ∞

* 4/5

I was asked to review this film from Palm Pictures, an independent film company.

Tags: film, lust, movie, sex, sinemaerotica, spechtreum, thriller, video

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