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"Will The Satanic Scriptures be in stores by April 30th?"

The Satanic Scriptures by Magus Peter H. GilmoreWill The Satanic Scriptures be in stores by April 30th?

"We just got an e-mail asking if The Satanic Scriptures will be available in stores on Walpurgisnacht.

There are only two stores that it will be available for purchase on April 30th, and both of those are in Baltimore (Reptilian Records and Atomic Books).

The hardback edition is being sold only to independently owned stores and one distributor, and those orders will be shipped after April 30th. We will announce availablility in other locations on myspace and the website

As of right now, the only place to get the book is online from our website -

The paperback edition will be available in major booksellers and indies across the country upon release in October of this year.

Blame Us,
Scapegoat Publishing"

Tags: church of satan, infernal empire, nefarious news, satan's scroll

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